March 6, 2022

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell attacked Fox News and Newsmax for being pro-vaccine during the pandemic, saying it was because they received Big Pharma advertising dollars.

As usual, Lindell rambled incoherently, in this case for eight minutes to RSBN during Kari Lake's rodeo fundraiser in Arizona.

Lindell spewed election fraud conspiracies, attacked voting machines relentlessly, and then veered off into a COVID vaccine conspiracy.

"I just learned that Fox News, Newsmax took Big Pharma money -- they took Big Pharma money, all networks did, but the difference was that told they couldn't talk bad about the vaccines," Lindell charged.

Fox News taking advertising money has been known for some time now. But claiming they were bought off by Big Pharma, when they bashed the vaccine and promoted all these Trump-promoted phony remedies is just nutty.

He continued, "They couldn't talk about anything that worked, like hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin -- all these different things."

None of the snake oil cures for COVID ever worked, but Lindell and the delusional MAGA sheep still promoted them.

"Now I understand why in the summer of 2020, they were pro-vaccine — nobody would talk about the other side of the coin. Shame on Fox and shame on Newsmax," Lindell croaked.

Lindell conveniently omits that Trump based his whole response to the pandemic on Big Pharma coming up with vaccines, as did every American who wasn't sucked into the Jim Jones-like anti-vaxxer cult.

Not for nothin, Lindell still advertises plenty on Fox News.

Grifters gotta grift.

I'd say shame on Mike Lindell, but he doesn't have any. He's selling too many pillows to care.

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