May 3, 2022

President Biden said the leaked SCOTUS opinion on overturning Roe v. Wade was "radical" and a fundamental shift in "American jurisprudence which would undermine the right to privacy for all Americans."

During a press gaggle, Biden was asked about the leaked opinion draft from Judge Alito.

"It goes far beyond, in my view, if it becomes the law and if what is written is what remains... It goes far beyond the concern of whether or not there is the right to choose, those other basic rights, right to marriage, the right to determine a whole range of things..." Biden said.

He continued, "It's really quite a radical decision. Again, the underlying premise -- but it basically says all the decisions related to your privacy: life, who you marry, whether or not you decide to have a child or not, whether or not you can have an abortion, a range of other decisions, how you raise your child, what does this do? Does this mean in Florida they can decide they're going to pass a law saying that same-sex marriage is not permissible, it's against the law in Florida? It's a fundamental shift in American jurisprudence."

The consequences to the American people would be devastating if SCOTUS passes Alito's opinion.

Sen. Lisa Murksowski said the Alito opinion 'rocks my confidence in the court.’

Sen. Susan Collins, a pro-choice advocate, had a few thoughts about the justices she voted for. Are you "concerned and disappointed," Susan?

No sh*t, Sherlock.


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