Queen Elizabeth Is Dead, And Right-Wing Crazies Are Having A Fit
Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to officially open the new building at Thames Hospice on July 15, 2022 in Maidenhead, England. Credit: Kirsty O'Connor-WPA Pool/Getty Images
September 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth has died, and the reaction at some right-wing comments sections is a bit unhinged.

At TheDonald (aka patriots.win):

She's fucking 97 years old...


A fucking 97 year old can still die from the Clot Shot.


Guarantee you she didn't get the shot.


Elites got Harmless Saline Solution for the cameras. Think about it .... The secret service protects Potatus even if there is a on in a million chance something will happen to him. You think they are gonna put a real shot of experimental gene therapy treatment into him? the truth is so obvious it hurts


I think the globalists never told her it was poison. She definitely got the shot. They want to abolish the monarchy so what better way.


I don't think any lizard got the shot.


It is hilarious that we pretend the clot shot only kills healthy people under 50 because anyone else gets another excuse attached nearly every time.


As long as she is queen, Charles is not a king. Charles is a globalist puppet. For all her faults, the Queen is not.


I have never heard this. Can you give an example of when she has stood up against the globalist agenda? Not saying you're wrong just surprised to hear this.


its more that she didn't push any of the globalist wank

when you are in a position such as that and you realise the globalist wank is all around you there is little you can do without fear of repercussions (an accident down the stairs ending her reign a few years early for example)

charles has been pushing the globalist wank with gusto in recent years

with the queen dead this is the beginning of the end of the monarchy as far as i am concerned

So to sum up: The queen either died from receiving the coronavirus vaccine ("the clot shot") or she was given a fake shot to fool the rubes. She wasn't really a globalist but Charles is, so goodbye monarchy. Got it?

(By the way, she was 96, not 97.)

What's up at Gateway Pundit? Let's take a look....

Good riddance to the jab pusher who murdered tens of thousands by saying the jab was harmless.

Doesnt matter whether she knew or was stupid. She was too influential to make such a statement without knowing for sure.


You mean what she did in the shadows with Jimmy Seville to her country.


And ted heath, lord Mountbatten, Rolf Harris and the school kids that disappeared on a picnic with her in Indonesia in the 70's.


And the native Canadian orphans who disappeared with her and Philip on a picnic.
Anyone with a brain knows she and her reptilian relatives are/were E V I L.


The numbers are massive . A death cult leader gone today ! Woot!


I don't doubt that adrenochrome helped keep that old bag alive.


This monarchy will die with her! Charles or Willian do not have the strength, character, faith, or integrity to withstand the woke mob and the WEF!


withstand? They are PART of the woke mob!

So are the surviving members of the royal family pawns of the World Economic Forum? Are they "lizard people"? Were they and the queen personally responsible for Jimmy Savile's pedophilia at the BBC? Apparently so!

A Free Republic thread directs us to this Substack post by Jordan Shachtel, which I believe represents the consensus right-wing opinion regarding Charles (I expect to hear many of these points on Fox in the next few days):

[Queen Elizabeth's] successor ... can best be understood as the WEF (World Economic Forum) king. King Charles is truly a king for our times, in the worst possible way imaginable. He is a perfect representation of the western ruling class and its pernicious agenda.

Charles, to put it bluntly, is an anti-human reprobate, who has lived a life of disgrace, hypocrisy, and corruption. But his lifestyle is the least of the issues at hand. Charles is a king who has embraced and promoted the most destructive causes of our times.

Most notably, Charles is both a climate catastrophist and an advocate for the depopulation agenda. Last year, he demanded a “war-like footing,” in calling for the sabotage of reliable energy resources to tackle the so-called climate crisis. Charles’s initiatives, and his promotion of the destructive Paris Climate Accords and the U.N.’s Climate Change Conference objectives, has helped position the U.K. on the precipice of energy disaster....

The newly minted king is also an avowed proponent of depopulation, having on multiple occasions called for population control of broader civilization....

At the onset of COVID Mania, Charles sat down with World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, in which the pair excitedly championed a “Great Reset” to “solve the climate crisis and restore the natural world.” In a podcast with Schwab, Charles advocated “carbon pricing” of goods and a “net zero” agenda, which, of course, would result in mass human suffering....

Charles doesn’t actually care about the environment. It serves as window dressing for his true aims. His advocacy for the “green” agenda, through Davos talking points, is part of a campaign to usurp more power for the “elite” circles that he travels within. Charles has spent the last several years dedicating lots of time and energy to promoting the ESG agenda, which acts to cartelize industry and create financial monopolies in the name of the environment.

Finally, I can get a sense of what it feels like to be a Patriot in the time of the American Revolution. Charles is a king worthy of our disdain. He has embraced the evil ideologies of our times. He represents a series of radical movements that seek to impose ruin upon the masses, to the benefit of the ruling class. Charles is no king of the people. He is the WEF king.

So that's how the right is mourning Queen Elizabeth. You can't help but admire their quiet dignity and tact.

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