Bobby Jindal Plans To Revitalize GOP By Making It Even More Radical

I've been thoroughly enjoying all of the GOP hand-wringing over the reelection of Kenyan Marxist Barry Hussein X -- and their third drubbing in the past four national elections. Republicans have convinced themselves that their problems are mostly tone and tactics. But Bobby Jindal thinks the GOP's problem is they're not wingnutty enough.

Watch out, Washington: Bobby Jindal called Thursday on Republicans to take an ax to the federal government.

The Louisiana governor suggested “rethinking nearly every social program in Washington” in a speech to members of the Republican National Committee gathered here.

“If any rational human being were to create our government anew, today, from a blank piece of paper — we would have about one-fourth of the buildings we have in Washington and about half of the government workers,” he said, according to a copy of the speech obtained in advance by POLITICO. “We would replace most of its bureaucracy with a handful of good websites.”

So, in 2005, George W. Bush tries to privatize Social Security -- and the GOP gets thumped in '06 and '08. Then Mitt "47%" Romney and Paul "Social Security is Collectivism" Ryan run for the White House promising to repeal Obamacare, on a budget which eliminates Medicaid -- and were arguably the most anti-New Deal and anti-Great Society ticket, ever -- and Obama wins 332 electoral votes.

And Bobby Jindal's conclusion?

Republicans keep losing elections because they're not trying to hard enough to gut even more of the safety net.

Jindal 2016!


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