CNBC Luminaries Push The Idea That Labor Unions Kill Jobs

The corporate right, already almost completely besides themselves at the prospect that the Employee Free Choice Act has been trying to come up with any reason at all as an excuse for stopping the bill. Especially when the reasons they give fall apart like an old cookie whenever they're confronted with facts.

The newest talking point is the notion that unions stifle job creation, which got the full endorsement of CNBC's Lawrence Kudlow and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (who, we're reminded, graduated from Wellesley with a degree in history!).

Look, not only do unions kill jobs, they kill companies. Look at what's happening to General Motors.

Fortunately, Jonathan Tasini of the Labor Research Association was able to point out the basic falsity of the claim:

Total nonsense. I'd like to smoke what she's smoking. The fact is this: There is absolutely zero, zero empirical evidence that unions cost jobs. None. And she can't quote a single study, a single piece of information that -- it's just rhetoric.

Unfortunately, we're going to be hearing a lot more of this in the coming weeks. The corporate Right simply can't and won't be honest about their real reasons for opposing this bill: They hate unions and don't want to make it easier for workers to form them. In fact, they want to keep the game rigged the way they have it now, and they'll do anything to keep it rigged that way. Including lie through their teeth.


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