Glenn Beck: 'They're All Marxists'

It seems Glenn Beck has a solution for all that ails John McCain: He wants McCain to take off the kid gloves and start calling out Obama and "all of these guys" as Marxists:

He's bringing up these topics in the wrong way. Not as a political strategist or a politician or anything else, just as a guy who says, OK: The problem with all of these guys is they're all Marxists -- they're all Marxists. They're all spread the wealth. So look, I'm not going to tie you to these people any more than they have to, but -- but -- I mean, all the way from Frank Marshall Davis to your Reverend, they all preach Marxism. Now, you say to Joe the Plumber, I'm going to take some of your wealth and give it to somebody else, that's Marxism.

Well, no that isn't Marxism, unless your understanding of it is at about fifth-grade level. But that's beside the point, isn't it?

We've already graduated from wingnuts calling Obama and the Democrats "socialists" to "Marxists." Next: "Pinkos" and "Commies."

We're not just living in Nixonland. We're living in McCarthyville. I guess the next step in the devolution of the right is for the white hoods to come out.


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