[media id=7037] According to this CNN report yesterday, Barack Obama is looking to woo Republican support for his economic plans. Indeed, Obama is si
January 3, 2009

According to this CNN report yesterday, Barack Obama is looking to woo Republican support for his economic plans. Indeed, Obama is sitting down with some of the GOP leadership on Monday.

But the Village View is pronounced herein by the Politico's Ken Vogel:

As long as Obama is appearing not to be catering to the Left base of the Democratic Party, and is making at least to involve Republicans and not alienate them, I believe he will be able to claim that he is taking a post-partisan approach.

I don't know if that's the actual thinking within the Obama camp, but that's clearly the view of Beltway Insiders who are hoping beyond hope that their whole prefabricated version of reality does not crumble about their ankles entirely: If you just keep the stinking dirty hippies out of the picture and kiss conservative ass, everything will be cool. (That, after all, is their worldview.)

Of course, the reality is that Mitch McConnell has already put the brakes by intimating he'll get out the filibuster on Obama's plan. They'll pay lip service to "bipartisanship" when they meet with Obama, but will do everything in their power to screw him over every step of the way and make sure nothing gets done.

After all, that's what's in their best interest -- otherwise they have little hope of winning in 2010 and none in 2012. And as we've witnessed over the past eight years, the national interest comes in a distant last place for Republicans in that competition.

So it will be interesting to watch this play out over the next weeks and months. We've known all along that Obama is a reach-out-to-your-enemy kind of guy; it's a big part of what made him so electable.

But the experience of the past eight years has made clear that the Republican idea of bipartisanship involves hot pokers and nether regions. When you reach out to them, usually all you have left to show for it is a hand gnawed down to the bone.

If you want a classic example of it, take a gander at the Sean Hannity Forum discussion of Obama's Republican outreach. It includes the following gems:

Nothing is new about Obama, nothing, his lying bs has been around since the Garden of Eden. He is a snake and I recommend the Republicans tell him, do not call me, I will call you


It will most likely be the same old story....bipartisan means Conservatives have to cross over to the liberal side and never the other way around. I hope the conservatives can stick to thier guns (before they get outlawed)


Obama lied.

Obama cheated.

Obama stole.

Obama helped slaughter living, breathing, helpless babies.

Obama is nothing but a cheap moldy old Hippie Leftover pile of human **** with the same integrity and moral capacity for basic human intelligence I'd look for in a pack of rabid hyenas.

He's going DOWN as fast as I can pray him into the hell he so richly deserves because of the sheer hell he's helped dump on too many American heads.

Right along with the rest of the Greedy Moral Degenerates who helped but that immoral piece of walking human filth into power.

Boss Tweed would vomit over the crimes of the current Democratic Swine Lords of Infinite Greed and Corruption.


I'm more interested in an outreach to CONSERVATIVES, rather than Republicans or RINOs. Obama's going to have to stop his baby-killing agenda, and protect American citizens, rather than the "rights" of terrorists who want to kill us.


When does child-destroying NAMBLA and it's brutal protectors, the ACLU, go to prison?

When do judges who release Mexican Drug Thugs go to trial for miscarriage of justice and refusal to obey the laws?

When do we see justice and compassion and decent concern for the lives and well-being of American citizens restored to our governments?

Then and only then will I tolerate the existence of the moral sludge who call themselves "democrats" -- when all they really are are are Mafia Thugs made rich by bribery and graft and corruption -- traitors and liars and thieves.

No more HIPPIE ********: these thugs have slaughtered too many Americans over the past 4 decades. ENOUGH


Personally, I prefer to see them NOT accomplish something. We owe the economic crisis to the mortgage "accomplishments" of Congress' willful intentions over decades, and then covering up the high risk position of Fannie Mae, the Typhoid Mary of the financial markets.

That's the conservative way: Pray for failure. No wonder they finally got the boot. No wonder they're fast becoming irrelevant.

And after dealing with them up close and getting a taste of their "bipartisanship," Obama may decide that those stinking dirty hippies are not something to run from after all.

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