Bill Maher Takes Apart Dinesh D’Souza Over His Fearmongering Film


Author and fearmongering filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza appeared on this Friday evening's Real Time with Bill Maher and had his latest film, 2016: Obama’s America, and the justifications for his depiction of President Obama taken apart one by one by Maher.

Whether it was D'Souza pretending that President Obama didn't reach out to Republicans on their health care bill, when as Maher rightfully pointed out, it was Bob Dole's plan from the '90's, trying to blame the President for the gridlock in Washington rather than Republican obstruction designed to make sure President Obama is not reelected, to pretending that President Obama did anything much differently than other presidents when it came to stimulus, regulating industry or that he's somehow anti-capitalist, D'Souza just was no match for Maher.

We've been down this road before here at C&L with a critique of D'Souza's work, so anyone not already familiar with him might want to go back and read this post -- Doing the Right Wing Limbo – How Low Can They Go?.

Maher did a pretty good job with D'Souza if he's going to allow someone like him who traffics in lies on his show in the first place. I still think the most brutal interview I've seen with him was Cenk Uygur from earlier this month which you can watch here -- Cenk Uygur Destroys Anti-Obama Author Dinesh D’Souza.


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