We have focused a lot of attention over the years on wingnut extraordinaire Dinesh D’Souza -- long before his ridiculous anti-Obama movie came to fruition -- and exposed how he uses insane clown logic to attack the left. Now it emerges that he
October 18, 2012

We have focused a lot of attention over the years on wingnut extraordinaire Dinesh D’Souza -- long before his ridiculous anti-Obama movie came to fruition -- and exposed how he uses insane clown logic to attack the left.

Now it emerges that he is engaged to a young woman and still married to his wife. How quaint. Why, that sounds like an openly liberal lifestyle, if they've both consented. What would you call that? Being a hypocrite, maybe?

Anyway, his life outside his movie is crashing down on him, and he has now stepped down as president of King's College amid much speculation.

Amid scandal over his engagement to a much younger woman and dissatisfaction with his tenure as president, the conservative author and filmmaker is leaving his position at The King’s College.

After a marathon meeting to decide his fate, the board of trustees of The King’s College, a small evangelical school based in Manhattan, announced Thursday that conservative author Dinesh D’Souza had resigned as president. Former president and current chairman Andy Mills, who made the announcement to faculty and staff, will return as interim president for a third time.


D’Souza came under fire Tuesday when World magazine revealed that he was engaged to a 29-year-old woman while still married to his wife of 20 years. D’Souza and Denise Odie Joseph allegedly shared a hotel room at a Christian conference in September, and D’Souza introduced her as his fiancee.It was not immediately clear whether the board’s decision was driven by the allegations of the affair, or by dissatisfaction with D’Souza’s leadership that had been building at the college for months. At the meeting Thursday, Mills did not give details of the board's conversation about D’Souza or give reasons for his departure.

Representatives for the college did not respond to requests for comment.According to several sources at the college, members of the King’s faculty and board alike had grown hostile to D’Souza’s presidency over what they saw as a failure to earn his reported million-dollar salary. D’Souza has spent much of the past few months promoting his documentary, 2016: Obama’s America, and his high profile in the media was seen as rarely benefitting the college. It may even have been seen as a detriment: According to a former staffer familiar with the college’s public relations, King’s employees have been explicitly tasked with disentangling D’Souza’s extracurricular activities from the college’s reputation. D’Souza became a non-presence on the college’s official Facebook page throughout 2012, which staffers say was no coincidence.

In the above Colbert video from 2007, you can see how batsh*t crazy Dinesh is. He blames FDR for Russia invading Afghanistan in 1989 for instance and the title of his book back then was The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11

In his latest screed, D'Souza, according to Publishers Weekly's review, "roots the blame for the 9/11 attacks in the left wing's 'aggressive global campaign to undermine the traditional patriarchal family'."

Here are some of his own words on the topic:

“In this book I make a claim that will seem startling at the outset. The cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11. … In faulting the cultural left, I am not making the absurd accusation that this group blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Thus without the cultural left, 9/11 would not have happened.

“I realize that this is a strong charge, one that no one has made before.

He's a virulent hater of the left which has guaranteed his wingnut success peddling Coulterish books. iJosh Marshall writes:

That didn’t take long. Dinesh D’Souza spends most of his time purveying hate and nonsense and obsessing about the failings of black people in addition to producing the anti-Obama (anti-colonial Kenyan mentality) movie showing in theaters around the country this season.

D'Souza put out a mewling defense of his behavior this morning, assuring the world that he was NOT having an affair, and expressing his astonishment at the quaint Christian custom of not becoming engaged to a person while still married to another. My favorite part was this:

It is also about how we Christians are supposed to behave with one another. And the secular world is watching. Is this how we love and treat fellow believers? If my conduct was improper, wouldn’t it be the decent and charitable thing to approach me about it? Instead, here is a clear attempt to destroy my career and my ministry. This is viciousness masquerading as righteousness. And this is the behavior that is truly worthy of Christian condemnation.

Just watched your movie, dude, and the phrase “viciousness masquerading as righteousness” couldn’t be a more apt description.

Of course, it might as well be generically applied to the American Right these days, too. Which is really the source of D’Souza’s problem.

As Atrios writes: "Morality" Is For Other People"

Bonus C&L video time below. Heather's post on how Bill Maher destroyed D'Souza over his movies.

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