Bill Press: Gingrich's Flip-Flops On Libya May Destroy His Chances Of Being Taken Seriously As Presidential Candidate


I think it's amazing that anyone has ever taken Newt Gingrich seriously as a potential presidential candidate in the first place given the fact that his main purpose in life seems to be trying to figure out more ways to line his own pocket, even if it means attempting to scam doctors out of $5000 so they can win one of his "awards" that Rachel talked about here -- Newt Gingrich Shady Fundraising Pitch Tries to Scam Doctors for $5000:

But apparently Bill Press thinks that the flip-flopping on Libya is going to finally be enough to do him in since it's laid bare the fact that any of his positions on Libya are nothing but knee-jerk reactions opposing whatever President Obama is doing. From CNN's Reliable Sources:

KURTZ: But speaking of semantics, let's look at Newt Gingrich, what he said a couple of weeks ago, and what he says now about a U.S. military action in Libya.


Now, this has gotten some traction on cable and on the Web. I haven't seen any newspapers stories about it. Here's a guy who's gearing up to run for president.

Why not more attention to what you would have to call a flip- flop?

PRESS: I think there should be a lot of attention to this. And frankly, I think it has maybe destroyed Newt's chances of being taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

KURTZ: Destroyed his chances?

PRESS: Seriously... Yes, right. Early on, to make a mistake like this so publicly, I think is a fatal flaw. And it shows him as just somebody who's -- he's for it if Obama is against it. He's against it if Obama's for it.

RUBIN: And I think this does revive the concerns about Newt, which is that he's unpredictable, that he's sort of in every pie and on every side simultaneously.

KURTZ: I like politicians who unpredictable, but I don't think that they should be doing a 180 within two weeks, yes.


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