Cavuto Brings On Tea Party Patriots' Mark Meckler To Complain About Media Coverage Of Wall Street Protests


Now that the corporate media has finally started paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street protests which have slowly been picking up support from labor unions and in other cities around the country, Fox "News" of course has decided to go on the attack. Here's another example from Neil Cavuto's show where he brought on the Tea Party Patriots' Mark Meckler to carp about the media coverage from all of the so-called "liberal" news outlets out there while he complains about how unfairly their Koch funded AstroTurf movement has been treated.

Media Matters has more on the attacks by Fox of the Wall Street protests from the last week or so, along with some past examples of their shameless promotion of this so-called "tea party movement" -- After Relentlessly Promoting Tea Party Protests, Fox Attacks Wall Street Protesters:

Fox News has begun attacking participants of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests across the country, claiming they are "deluded" and have "absolutely no purpose or focus in life." Fox's attacks stand in stark contrast with its relentless promotion and support of the tea party protests of 2009 and 2010. Read on...

Of course no one was there to remind Cavuto or Meckler that CNN, or as we like to call them here, TeaNN has been promoting those "tea parties" just as heavily as Fox has. Meckler also more or less admitted that their groups were and are not grass roots when he talked about the amount of organization that was in place when they first got started.

MECKLER: [T]he very first tea parties held on Feb. 27th, 2009, there were forty nine of them around the country, so it was a much larger starting point. And within six weeks there were eight hundred and fifty of them around the country. So it didn't start so localized. It started as a national movement.

A national movement paid for and organized by whom Mark? Meckler also called the people protesting on Wall Street law breakers because they were camping out in unauthorized areas and heaven forbid marching across bridges that they ended up being arrested on and said that wasn't "tea party" type behavior. Yeah, because we all know it's so much more "American" to show up at a rally or a protest packing heat or with signs portraying the President of the United States as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose.


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