Cenk Uygur And Will Bunch Ponder The Right's Increasingly Nutty Attacks On President Obama


The Young Turks Cenk Uygur and Media Matters Will Bunch discussed some of the recent attacks of President Obama and how the crisis in Egypt has been handled from the likes of Newt Gingrich, Frank Gaffney and Donald Rumsfeld. Apparently it was also "Pile On Glenn Beck Day" over at MSNBC, to which I say, better late than never to be pointing out this crazy man's rants.

As Media Matters noted, we had Will Bunch in this segment -- Media Matters' Bunch: Someone Giving Beck's Caliphate Speech On Street Corner "Probably Would Be Involuntarily Committed".

I posted Tweety's criticism of him and his fearmongering this week -- Glenn Beck Digs Himself Deeper in the Hole With His Conspiracy Theories.

Rachel Maddow also took a shot at Beck and Hannity while praising their staff members who were out there in the midst of the turmoil in Egypt this week -- Maddow: Egyptian Revolts Bring Out ‘The Best’ Of Fox News, Worst Of Beck And Hannity.

And Lawrence O'Donnell talked to Media Matters' David Brock about Beck's fearmongering on The Last Word -- Media Matters' Brock: "Troubled People ... Could Do Troubling Things" In Response To Beck's Fearmongering.

Cenk also called out Gingrich and his history revisionism on Ronald Reagan and his willingness to negotiate with terrorists. Good for Cenk for doing what we rarely see anyone in our corporate media do, which is take apart some of the conventional Villager wisdom when it comes to Reagan. Reagan would have been called a commie, liberal terrorist lover by some of the standards of today's bats**t crazy Republican Party and it's a fact that can't be repeated often enough to suit me. It's really pathetic how far to the right our political dialog has turned with the success of these wingnuts making the far right that's not completely insane appear to be the middle of anything.


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