Eric Bolling Brings On Tea Partier To Mock #OWS For Wanting To Boycott Big Chain Stores On Black Friday


The Occupy Wall Street movement called for a protest of some of the big chain stores on this, the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday and naturally Fox's Eric Bolling took the opportunity to mock them and distort the message they were trying to get out about which stores should be avoided and why. Bolling brought on "tea partier" Teri Adams whose group, Liberate America put out a petition to instead 'BUYcott Black Friday".

Raw Story has more on the protests that were planned here -- Protesters plan to Occupy Black Friday:

Across the U.S. on Black Friday, activists in the Occupy movement are urging boycotts of big chain stores.

At least 150 protesters were gathering outside Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan for an anti-fur rally.

In Seattle, protesters were carpooling to Wal-Mart stores. Occupy Seattle is encouraging shoppers to patronize small business or give homemade gifts. Read on...

Bolling showed a video from him standing outside of Macy's prior to his interview with Adams and claimed he only saw one person protesting there. I don't have any confirmation on just how many people attended that protest, but somehow I don't think we can trust Eric Bolling to get an accurate head count.

Bolling also misrepresented what the Occupy Wall Street groups were calling for, claiming that they were trying to get shoppers to avoid patronizing small businesses, when what they were actually calling for was for shoppers to avoid a very specific list of large chain stores, which you can read about in a couple of their posts on the topic here -- BLACKLISTED Retail Stores to Occupy (Boycott) on Black Friday and here -- Occupy Black Friday -- GO SHOPPING!!!.

For anyone not familiar with Teri Adams, you can read more about her group, the Idependence Hall Tea Party Association, which was also listed as sponsoring her petition in this post from Think Progress -- Pro-Voucher Tea Party Group Admits It Wants To ‘Shut Down Public Schools And Have Private Schools Only’:

As ThinkProgress has documented, a tightly-knit group of right-wing Political Action Committees (PACs) and corporate foundations have unleashed an assault on public education, pushing school voucher schemes nationwide that would funnell taxpayer dollars away from public schools and toward private schools instead. In doing so, many of these voucher advocates claim they simply want to expand school choice and improve the quality of education for all.

Yet one group that has been influential in the school voucher push — the Independence Hall Tea Party, which has run a major PAC that operates in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania — is finally admitting that its true goal is to abolish public education.

In a series of e-mails and interviews, Teri Adams, the president of the Idependence Hall Tea Party Association, explains that her organization is involved in its voucher advocacy because it believes “public schools should go away.” Adams said that their ultimate goal is to “shut down public schools and have private schools only“: [...]

“It’s refreshing to see a vouchers promoter who is honest about her real intent — to destroy public education,” responded Julia Rubin, a spokeswoman for Save Our Schools, a New Jersey organization that is opposing the voucher push in the state.

Now Fox has her carrying water for the big box chain stores and helping to distort the Occupy movement calling for turning to small businesses and local stores instead.


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