Fox Panel Pretends Mitt Romney Wasn't Race Baiting At NAACP Speech


Another Saturday, another segment on Fox News Watch where they're supposed "media watchdog" show proves they can be just as terrible at any "fair and balanced" reporting as Howard Kurtz's similar joke of a show on CNN. This week, they were discussing Mitt Romney's appearance at the NAACP, where he was booed during his speech. And of course they all tried to pretend there was no race baiting involved.

But they conveniently left out a couple of items during this segment. One, is what Mitt Romney said during a fundraiser which I wrote about here: Romney on NAACP Booing: If They Want More Free Stuff, Tell Them to Go Vote for the Other Guy.

They also failed to mention that Romney bussed in his own cheering section when they were discussing how Romney was treated by the crowd there, although I do agree with Judith Miller and the applause at the end was probably out of respect for the fact that Romney bothered to show up there at all. Ultimately they all ended up admitting who showing up there was actually going to help him with and that's his base, who think it's a good thing that he drew the boos from the crowd there.

Included in the panel this week was Richard Grenell, who the Romney campaign ousted after right wingers started going crazy because he's openly gay. Color me not shocked that there was no mention of that at any time during the show as well.


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