Poor little old innocent Lou Dobbs. That big, bad "left wing" media is attacking him for "simply asking questions". Oh...so that's what you were doing
July 24, 2009

Poor little old innocent Lou Dobbs. That big, bad "left wing" media is attacking him for "simply asking questions". Oh...so that's what you were doing? So saying he had a "document problem" wasn't meant to imply he's an illegal alien, right Lou?

I'd say rather than the "left wing" media, it's more just anyone who isn't insane and calls you out for what you're doing, which is feeding the crazies with this birther nonsense, but who am I to quibble? If you want to continue to implode on national television night after night and make an utter fool of yourself, don't let me stop you.

Although Dobbs admits that he thinks the President is a citizen, he still thinks this is a subject worth carrying on about, which Roland Martin does a pretty good job of taking him to task for. He beat back Rep. Ted Poe's nonsense over the validity of what the State of Hawaii has given as proof of Obama's birth as well. I'm actually surprised Martin didn't say something back to hot head Dobbs when he told him he needed to keep his cool. Dobbs has no room to talk about anyone else losing their temper after his nightly rants on illegal immigrants or whatever topic du jour has him baring his teeth in rage.

Roland Martin has it right here. If Dobbs admits there is no question about whether the President is a natural born citizen of the United States, why does he feel the need to keep saying there's a controversy? Dobbs knows full well what he's doing but could care less what the ramifications are.

DOBBS: President Obama promised transparency and openness in his administration. Yet, he's chosen not to release his original birth certificate or a copy of it.

And a number of Americans are asking, why not? The left-wing media has attacked me because I simply asked the question. Meanwhile, the state of Hawaii says it can't release a paper copy of the president's original birth certificate because they say the state government discarded the original document when the health department records went electronic some eight years ago.

That explanation, however, has not satisfied some critic.

Joining me now, Roland Martin. He's CNN contributor, syndicated columnist. And joining us as well, Congressman Ted Poe.

Before we get started, I want to be clear where I stand, because the -- the left-wing media kind of forgot to leave out -- kind of left a few things out. It was inconvenient to their stories.

Just -- just one statement, very quickly, if you will. Play that.


DOBBS: I think the president of the United States is a citizen. But what I don't understand is why he hasn't just produced it to get this -- this noise out of the way.

I believe Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States, folks. Don't you? But I do have a couple of little questions, like you. Why not just provide a copy of the birth certificate? That's entirely within the president's power.


DOBBS: Why not? That's the question, Roland Martin. What's the answer?

ROLAND MARTIN, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, first and foremost, he's produced the document he received from the state of Hawaii.

Now, you are saying, where's the original? According to the state of Hawaii, that is the document that establishes where he was born. So, what is the issue?

DOBBS: So, you don't think...


DOBBS: So, you don't think the president has a copy?

MARTIN: No, but what is the issue?

DOBBS: Well, the issue is...

MARTIN: I mean, he's the president. He's been certified. He's in office.

DOBBS: Well, he's a president. I mean, he's not like a -- I mean, you make it sound like he's been anointed something beyond that.

MARTIN: No, no, he's a president of the United States, the 44th.

DOBBS: Yes. Yes.

MARTIN: So, what -- what is the point? I mean, exactly where is the story in this? If he has presented a document, the state of Hawaii has confirmed that -- that he was indeed born there, what's the issue?

DOBBS: Ted Poe, Congressman, what's the -- what's the issue?

REP. TED POE (R), TEXAS: Well, the president has not produced a birth certificate. He has produced what is a birth announcement from the state of Hawaii.

And this could all be settled if he would just produce the birth certify call. And that's why we have introduced legislation that, in future elections, that the president prove that he is a resident for 14 years, that he's over 35, and that he's a native-born American.

And that applies to everybody, and we get rid of all this controversy, and we move on down the road.

MARTIN: Congressman, it's nonsense.

First of all, you were a state judge in Texas. I was born and raised in Houston. I remember seeing your stories all the time. My dad, when I got him got a passport, he didn't have his original birth certificate. He went to the Houston Department of Health and got a copy of his birth certificate.

It satisfied his passport, satisfied the State Department. So, how can you say that's legitimate; oh, but the president has not presented what the state of Hawaii said is an official document with their seal on it?

POE: Because it is not a birth certificate. It's not even a copy of the birth certificate. It is a birth announcement.

It is like me sending out a birth announcement for one of my children...


MARTIN: No. What is in the newspaper is a birth announcement.


POE: And that's what it is.

MARTIN: That is an official document. What is in the newspaper is a birth announcement, Congressman. Come on.

DOBBS: Let -- let -- if I may interject...


DOBBS: ... do we have a -- could we just put up a copy of that certificate -- certificate of live birth?

What you are looking at there, which I believe is the copy that comes from FactCheck.org or Annenberg, there's no reference there to the attending physician. There's no reference there to the hospital in which he was born. It is a certificate that refers to the fact that another certificate exists.

MARTIN: Is it an official state document?

DOBBS: I'm sorry?

MARTIN: Is it an official state document of the state of Hawaii?

DOBBS: Well, let me try this again, so I can be really clear about it. It is a document that says there's another document. It does not include that -- you are referring to your father's birth certificate.


DOBBS: A copy of his birth certificate would have the doctor, the hospital that he was born in, correct? And this is the -- and, by the way, this is just what people are concerned about.

MARTIN: No, no, whose people, first of all? You got 13 percent...


DOBBS: ... 600,000 people who have signed a petition.


MARTIN: Six hundred thousand.

Thirteen percent of Americans, 39 million, still think he is Muslim. And we have done everything, Lou, to debunk that as an absolute lie. So, it is irrelevant.


DOBBS: OK. If you want to make it irrelevant, that's fine.

POE: Well, I don't know why you are getting so...


DOBBS: Yes, go ahead, Congressman.

POE: Well, I don't know why you are getting so upset.


MARTIN: Because, Congressman, you probably -- because you probably have better things to do, Congressman, than this silly little law here.


POE: ... certificate for McCain. They were -- your side was...


MARTIN: No, no, no, no, Congressman. Congressman, let me correct you with something.


POE: And, so, he produced his birth certificate...


MARTIN: Congressman, I want to...


POE: ... territories of Arizona.

MARTIN: Congressman, Congressman, nice try.

But, first of all, I voted Republicans and Democrats. So, don't try the "your side."


MARTIN: I thought the left-wing people were nuts as well. I just want to correct you on that one.


POE: Why are you so upset? Produce the birth certificate. That's all you have got to do.

MARTIN: No, no, because it is silly. It is silly.


MARTIN: It's silly.


MARTIN: Are you losing sleep over this?

DOBBS: Look, Roland, look, Roland...


MARTIN: I mean, Lou, are you losing sleep over this?

DOBBS: Roland, here's what I would like you to do. I would like you to remember, if you would -- and I'm -- and I'm trying to be as nice as I can be, but you are yelling and you're getting awfully excited about something that, you know, doesn't require this level of...


MARTIN: Well, I think it is hilarious.

DOBBS: Then laugh. But don't -- please, don't...

MARTIN: But it's utterly hilarious, Lou.

DOBBS: The congressman might take your remarks a different way.

And I'm asking is that you just -- you know, relax just a bit.

And let's take a look at headlines from "The New York Times," if we may, from last year, when at -- at question was Senator John McCain's citizenship, and see if we can see a difference in the way in which they have approached this -- this issue.

This is "The New York Times." "A hint of new life to the McCain birth issue." "McCain's canal zone birth prompts queries about whether that rules him out" -- The New York Times," and, in July of last year, with an article. I mean, it goes on.

The issue of "Justices turn back on a challenge on Obama that has stopped squall of Internet-fueled rumors."

There's an obvious difference in tone here from "The New York Times" when talking about John McCain than there is when they were talking about Barack Obama.

MARTIN: And I don't care about the "New York Times" column. The issue there...



DOBBS: And that's why I bring it up.

MARTIN: Lou, your issue, though, is about a certificate. It's not about how the media is covering it.


DOBBS: No, no. No, no.

MARTIN: So, which one is it?

DOBBS: My -- my issue is this, OK? When this could be dispelled so quickly, and -- and simply by producing it, why not do it?


MARTIN: He has produced a document that is satisfactory, but it's not satisfactory to you.

So, Lou, he's not here to satisfy Lou Dobbs. He's the president of the United States. He probably has other things that's on his mind than satisfying Lou Dobbs.

DOBBS: Yes. And does that, then, what, just dismiss the concern?

MARTIN: No. He has presented a document that is legal. In the state of Hawaii, it is legal. It is a document. It's there.

Now, because you're not satisfied, OK. And, Lou, if this...


DOBBS: Don't worry about my -- don't worry about my satisfaction.


MARTIN: No, no.


MARTIN: Lou, you're the one who is still making this an issue.


DOBBS: No, no, please. Again, did you hear what I said?


DOBBS: I believe he's a citizen.

MARTIN: OK. So, why even continue the story? Is it keeping you up at night? It is a non-issue. It is irrelevant. You say so many Americans care.


MARTIN: No, it is an irrelevant issue. It's been established. He's the president.

DOBBS: All right. All right.

MARTIN: What is the big deal?

DOBBS: Is there a big deal here, Congressman Poe?

Can you help us out?

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