Maddow Knocks GOP For Pretending They're Concerned About Jobs While Continually Legislating On Abortion Rights


As our friends over at Raw Story noted this weekend, Rachel Maddow took the House Republicans to task for continuing to pretend that they care about job creation in America, when apparently all they're willing to vote on is one abortion restricting bill after another to drum up their base for the next election.

Maddow blasts GOP for talking about jobs while legislating against women:

In an unusually blunt and plain-spoken segment on Friday night’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Rachel Maddow tore into Republicans for claiming that they care about jobs numbers when all they actually do on Capitol Hill is try to pass more and more laws restricting abortion, even when they know those bills are doomed to fail.

Thursday saw the release of disappointing jobs numbers, which has been a blow to the Obama administration. Republicans seized on the news and responded with a PR blitz, criticizing President Barack Obama and his economic policies.

A closer look at the numbers, however, shows that the jobs being lost are government and other public sector jobs, losses that are coming about as a result of Republican austerity programs and budget cuts. The very drop in jobs numbers that the GOP is decrying is a result of its own policies, said Maddow.

And yet, for all their talk about jobs, their only consistent legislative focus has been anti-abortion legislation.

As they noted in their post, Republicans knew the legislation would likely fail, but they wanted to make Democrats vote on it anyway. Maddow wrapped her commentary with this:

This bill, Republican leadership conceded, would probably fail as well, but, said Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), “I think we’re doing the right thing strategically” by forcing Democrats to vote against it.

“So, we know it will fail,” said Maddow, “but we like making Democrats vote on abortion anyway. It just feels good. Also, it passes the time! Jobs, jobs, jobs!”

I'm sick and tired of Republicans playing political games with blocking any effort by Democrats to get something passed that should have had bipartisan approval to get Americans back to work. These people are not good citizens of our country with their continued obstruction.

It's one thing to say you have political differences with the other party and you don't want to pass anything they're trying to get through for ideological reasons. It's quite another to pretend that ideology that was there on your side doesn't exist any more because the other guy now supports it.

And it's beyond cynical to call the other side obstructionist and unwilling to work with you while voting on hundreds of bills that restrict a woman's ability to control her own reproductive rights and ignoring the jobs crisis you pretend you care about so much and that your party wasn't doing a damned thing about when we were purging 700,000 jobs a month at the end of Bush's term and just shortly after he was finally willing to finally admit we were in a recession.

I was glad to see Rachel call these guys out for their hypocrisy. It's too bad that's a rare event these days since most of our corporate media allows them these lies going unchecked every day of the week. They don't care about putting anyone back to work. They don't care if this recession drags on and we never recover from it. They care about political power and making sure President Obama is not reelected. It's cynical and it's un-American. And it's going to be a downright shame if they're rewarded with being reelected for it.


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