Mary Matalin: Cheney's F-Bomb "Not Remotely Comparable" To Biden's


John King's new show on CNN is turning out to be just as hacktacular as I expected it to be. We already had a nice preview of what was to come from his gig hosting their Sunday bobble head show among other appearances. King decides to play the false equivalencies game with Mr. and Mrs. Carville, comparing the photos of the signing ceremonies of No Child Left Behind with Bush and the Balanced Budget Act with Clinton to the signing ceremony with Obama on the health care bill, and the horror!!... there aren't any Republicans standing behind Obama. My god how can the country survive this sudden lack of bipartisanship!? And of course it's all Obama's fault that none of the Republicans decided to play nice in Matalin's world which King is happy to play along with. Never mind that they decided to obstruct everything President Obama was going to do as soon as he got elected for political gain.

Thanks so much John King for that insightful analysis on what happened with all three of those bills and who supported them and why. Maybe you could help the Texas Board of Education with their textbooks and send them some pictures for the kids to look at, since that's obviously all they need to understand these three events.

Then King allows Lady McCheney to pretend that Joe Biden's gaffe during the press conference is somehow worse than Dick Cheney telling Pat Leahy to go f$#k himself on the Senate floor. There's no recording, so of course what Biden did much be worse, right John King? Jebus what a hack. Mary Matalin, you're right, they're not comparable, just not in the way you think.


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