Texas Board of Education

Religious Fanatics On Texas State Board Of Education Rewrite Teaching,Textbook Standards

Once every decade, the highly politicized Texas State Board of Education rewrites the teaching and textbook standards for its nearly five million schoolchildren. When an unabashed creationist seeks re-election as chairman, the theory of evolution and U.S. history are caught in the crosshairs, which could impact the classroom curricula not only of Texas, but also of the nation as a whole.

Texas Wingnuts Outraged By Their Own Schools Curriculum

Oh, Texas. You never fail to reach a new height of strangeness, especially when it comes to your own schools. On its face, this story appears to look like some librul doofus snuck Commie curriculum into their state-approved materials for online

Education Nation Or Education Corporation?

Once again this past few weeks, the ongoing education debate in the United States occupied the headlines, bylines and cable news scrolls. NBC launched its second annual "Education Nation Summit", billed as a way "to engage the country in a

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