Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's irony alert buttons are broken. Palin praises the founding fathers and George Washington as someone "who will serve for t
January 14, 2010

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's irony alert buttons are broken. Palin praises the founding fathers and George Washington as someone "who will serve for the right reasons because they're reluctant to get out there and seek a limelight and seek power" and who "will not prostitute themselves" and then Glenn Beck says Palin fits that ticket. There was a whole lot of stupid packed into this hour long interview Beck did with Palin, but this portion had to be some of the worst of it.

BECK: I don't think you can go to Washington and not lose your soul. I've never met somebody who went to Washington and came back and I said, wow, you're a better person. Have you?

PALIN: Come to think of it, I don't know if I have, Glenn.

BECK: How do you — because the parties, the system is so infected, how do you, as an individual go in — I'm not asking if you're going to run. But let's just say you were going to run. How do you go in and how do I as voter know that you're not going to cut so many side deals to get that power that by the time you had that power, you're no longer who we needed?

PALIN: I think a voter first need to sincerely know and it sounds impossible, but sincerely knows who that candidate is to see what their track record and to see if they had lost their soul along the way.

BECK: We're not even talking about track record anymore. We're not talking about how did you vote? We're talking about trust. How do you restore trust and honor, how do we even know anymore?

PALIN: That is what everybody is asking. That is what those who are conscientious and concerned about America are asking and those who are so disenchanted and disgusted with Washington, D.C., I don't have that answer. I'm asking the same thing. How do we know that we can trust what is going on in the White House? The White House!

BECK: Do you know?

PALIN: I don't know. I don't know. But I don't feel that some of the things that they are doing are trustworthy.

BECK: I have to tell you that every time I bring up your name and somebody says who's out there? I answer one of two ways. I'm waiting for George Washington to appear. Then it's usually followed by your name. And I said, but I don't know. And it's not I don't know, I don't know if you're smart enough. I find this insulting. Your kids must find that extraordinarily insulting when they hear that. It's not that you're not capable or anything else. I don't know. I don't know. I can't give my trust out to anybody anymore. Every time you do, they burn you. Every time you're like oh!

PALIN: That is because we have a fallen world. And mankind is fallen and we can never put — I don't believe that we were created to be able to put our faith wholly, solely except for our spouse in another person. Certainly not in a politician. I don't believe that except, you know, looking back on our founding fathers and seeing the sincerity there and the genuine love that they had of the country, I don't think in recent days we can find too many of those politicians.

BECK: That's why we got to stop looking and start taking from the barrel and start picking from the tree. Who is your favorite founder?

PALIN: You know, well, all of them because they came collectively together with so much diverse .

BECK: Bull crap. Who is your favorite?

PALIN: So much diverse opinion and so much diversity in terms of belief, but collectively they came together to form this union.


PALIN: No, and they were led by, of course, George Washington, so he's got to rise to the top. Washington was the consummate statesman. He serves, he returned power to the people. He didn't want to be a king. He returned power to the people. Then he went back to Mount Vernon, he went back to his farm. He was almost reluctant to serve as president, too. And that is who you need to find to serve in government, in a bureaucracy.

Those who you know will serve for the right reasons because they're reluctant to get out there and seek a limelight and seek power. They're doing it for people. That was George Washington.

BECK: He is my favorite for that reason as well. He was the indispensable man. That's why I say I'm waiting for George Washington to appear. Someone who doesn't want to serve but will because he must. And someone who is so beyond question that he can bring people together and say look we have to do this. This can be hard.

PALIN: That's exactly what we need to seek in a candidate. Someone -

- I'll repeat this — almost reluctant to serve. Someone who will not prostitute themselves and say what they believe a voter wants to hear at that time in order to get elected but someone who the people find and ask, will you sacrifice, will you do this for our country to get us back on the right track?

BECK: That is why I think you're on the most admired list. Because some people find you to be that. As you came out of the blue, and you did serve. You were asked to serve. And you got butchered and you continually get butchered. And yet, you're still going.

PALIN: Well, let me tell you one thing in that vain. I would be perfectly happy to go back to Wasilla, Alaska, with my five children and grandson and raise a happy, healthy family and love the great outdoors and do the things we do in Alaska. But if I believe that in some capacity I can help this great nation, I'm going to be willing to sacrifice and to change some things and my lifestyle in order to, in order to serve. It doesn't have to mean, though, top dog. That doesn't have to really entail having any kind of title.

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