Wingnut Rep. Peter King: Iraq Withdrawal Brought On Embassy Attacks


Here we go again with the Republicans' completely ridiculous, nonsensical talking point du jour, which is that President Obama is weak and has harmed our standing in the world because he wants to cut and run out of those wars Bush started. It was McCain echoing this nonsense on Face the Nation and on Meet the Press this Sunday, Peter King took his turn.

Republican Congressman Says Iraq Withdrawal Brought On Embassy Attacks:

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said that the attacks on U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya last week were brought on by President Obama’s order to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq [...]

Obama did indeed withdraw American forces from Iraq but it wasn’t a unilateral decision, the Iraqis wanted the U.S. military to leave as well.

Heaven forbid King will let a little thing like facts get in the way of his b.s. talking points:

GREGORY: Congressman as a Republican here, supporter of Governor Romney is this American weakness that brought this on? Is that the Republican view? Is that what the view of President Romney would be?

KING: Well, my view is it was a large component of it. There has been-- this president’s policy-- President Obama’s policy has been confusing. It's been apologetic, and it's been misguided. From the day he started his apology tour back in 2009 where he was, no matter what people say, apologizing for America, somehow suggesting that we’ve been anti-Islam until he became the president throughout-- the fact that-- even talking about Iraq, the way he took our troops out of Iraq without even getting the status of forces agreement. He was given a glide path in Iraq.

And yet he pulled the troops out, brags about the fact that troops are out, gives a definite date for getting out in Afghanistan. What he is doing by that is telling our allies they can’t trust us and he’s also telling unaligned that the U.S. is not a reliable ally. And the fact that you would have the prime minister of Israel on this show explaining his relationship with the president of the United States at a time of such turmoil in the Middle East, we have never had a situation like this where there has been such a disconnect between the U.S. president and the Israeli prime minister. And the fact that he won’t even meet with him at the U.N., while he’s going to meet with President Morsi, sends terrible signals.

GREGORY: Well, to-- to be fair, the prime minister of Israel did not describe that as a stub-- snub in that interview.

KING: I’m saying it. I’m saying, I’m saying.

He did get some push back from the other panel members and even Bob Woodward said later in the segment that Republicans pushing the "Obama is weak on national security" meme isn't going to stick this time around. Thank you Captain Obvious. The only people who buy into this stuff are Republicans whose blind hatred of President Obama will allow them to believe anything about him and who are still out there defending George W. Bush as some great leader who kept us safe from those "turrists"... well, other than the one on 9-11... and all the other attacks and embassy bombings that occurred on his watch.

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