Wingnuts' Latest Feigned Outrage Of The Week: Barack Obama Ate Dog Meat As A Child In Indonesia

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I agree with David Pakman on the latest, desperate ridiculous thing to come from the wingnuts over at Tucker Carlson's rag, The Daily Caller, which was supposed to be the conservative alternative to The Huffington Post. Apparently their answer to try to deflect attention away from the story about Mitt Romney placing the family dog on the roof of their car while on vacation and the dog crapping itself while up there is... OMG!!! Barack Obama ate dog meat while he lived in Indonesia!!!! Aaayyyeeeee!!!

I'm not giving them a link but anyone who wants to read the nonsense shouldn't have too much trouble finding it using the search engines. As Pakman noted, they're actually feigning outrage over the fact that President Obama ate food that was indigenous to the country he was living in, given to him by his stepfather, when he was somewhere between the ages of 6-10 years old. Which is of course exactly equivalent to a grown man strapping a terrified dog to the roof of a car for a 12 hour drive to Canada.

I thought I'd seen it all with the stupid season and what conservatives will resort to when attacking President Obama, but apparently I was wrong. We've got legitimate issues to be debating like the economy, war, education, our broken health care system, the attack on the working class and income disparity among many, many other issues, and this is the sort of thing that was consuming most of the right's blogs and twitter feeds this Wednesday morning. I guess they're hoping the dog owners and animal rights groups that are upset with Mittens for the family dog fiasco are going to turn their ire to President Obama instead, as though they're too stupid to realize he wasn't responsible for his dietary choices as a small child.

You can catch David Pakman's show at his site here or at his You Tube channel.

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