Will Tom Reed Denounce His Racist Supporters?

Do you think racism is only something you find in rural parts of Georgia and Texas? Think again. WYSL (1040 AM) is in the Rochester, NY area and owned by Bob Savage and Judith Day. They run a Hate Talk format featuring reactionary GOP propagandists, sociopaths like Laura Ingraham, Rust Humphries, Dennis Miller, Jerry Doyle and Bill O'Reilly. Their local hate talk host is Bill Nojay, a Republican running for New York State Assembly. Radio sure has changed from the days when I got my broadcaster's license. Back then candidates had to resign when they declared for office-- and they were fired when they incited racial hatred the way Nojay does. Listen to his screed against progressive Democrat Nate Shinagawa, a third-generation Japanese American.

Nojay's vicious racism is usually reserved for his nasty comments about African-Americans and Latinos, but he's asserting that American-born Nate is "from the People's Republic." The People's Republic? You mean where so much of the money comes from to fund conservative corporate whores who vote for the "free trade" agenda that sends American jobs there? That People's Republic? And who knew that Japanese-Americans come from the People's Republic? Amazing what you learn on Hate Talk Radio!

tom reed.png
Nojay's pal Tom Reed (on the right), who's running against Nate, consistently backs sending U.S. jobs to China and other low-wage hellholes. And Reed refuses to disavow Nojay and his blatant racism. Please listen to the Republican propaganda above and then think about what it means to have these people-- human garbage like Nojay, Savage and Reed-- controlling Congress. And even if it's just $3 or $5, consider helping Blue America's newest candidate, Nate Shinagawa. We covered his inspiring biographical story a week or two ago after his big primary victory and Thursday we compared his views on education to Nojay's pal Tom Reed's. There's a gap wide enough... well almost wide enough, for Reed to fit through.

How about that music too? These are really sick people. Too sick to own broadcast licenses, even one that's all about dog whistles for the GOP.

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