Rick Sanchez used some air time today to help expose the insanely irresponsible behavior of all the members of the Limbaugh National Committee and t
April 8, 2009

Rick Sanchez used some air time today to help expose the insanely irresponsible behavior of all the members of the Limbaugh National Committee and their preachers of paranoia. Sanchez played some extremely disturbing video from Youtube by the patriot militia crowd and went over the high volume of shootings that are spreading across the country.

Our pal Mr. Gottlieb, of the Second Amendment Foundation, a gun toting, more extreme version of the NRA joins CNN with Media Matters' Eric Boehlert, who just wrote a piece called Glenn Beck and the rise of Fox News' militia media which piggybacks off of David Neiwert's reporting to debate the merits of the fringe right being terrified that President Obama will take away their guns. This is, of course, leading right-wing talkers to elevate their rhetoric in attacking President Obama and liberals in general, which seems to be having a very dangerous influence. (rough transcript)

Boehlert: Well I think people on the right, the single issue passionate people are desperate to find some sort of opening so they can push this narrative. I mean, Glenn Beck yesterday on his radio show said Barack Obama will take away your gun anyway, one way or another, he's going to take away your gun. This message has been on FOX news for weeks and months and it's not just the gun control issue. They are painting this doomsday scenario, almost mainstreaming this militia idea of tyranny and totalitarian state in America and it's incredibly irresponsible.

Rick: Alan, what do you think of that? Because you know, any independent person that looks at this coverage that we've been seeing, not just on FOX News, but other places as well. It seems alarmist, it almost seems...

Gottleib: Well, I think the alarming thing is not that there's a doomsday scenario, but there's no doubt, nobody can argue that the government isn't growing at alarming rates, at record levels of spending, record levels of...

Rick: It GREW during the Bush administration, where were your concerns then?

Gottelieb: I had concerns then too. but they're not growing at the alarming rate they are right now. Government regulations, controls---everything on individuals is significantly going in the direction to more and more government. Nobody can deny that. And of course, that goes right into the argument of more gun control as well when government wants to regulate people.

Boehlert: Saying government is growing in size is a lot different than saying they're going to come knock on your door and take your gun, that democracy in America is on the wane and that we're going to turn into a socialist or Marxist or fascist, depending on what week it is to Glenn Beck. That's quite a leap and again, it's incredibly irresponsible. We've never seen a television news outfit sort of exploit these kinds of fears before and they're doing it on a daily basis and again, they are basically mainstreaming this militia movement and this militia rhetoric. It's wildly irresponsible.

Gottelieb: I mean you're trying to label everyone in militias being evil, crazy people out there. There are 90 million gun owners out there and they're nor members of militias.

The Pew research Center did a poll that says President Obama is the most polarizing president we've had in four decades..

Rick: Hold on Alan, that's not fair. How can he not be polarizing when people are saying those messages that we have been talking about? If I was to get on the air and start saying horrible things about anyone day and and day out and scaring the bejesus out of you and telling you that the world was going to end as a result of this particular politician, maybe, whether he’s on the right or on the left, on in the middle, don’t you think he would be polarizing?

Gottlieb didn't have much of an argument in this segment. When more government is needed to save a country, how does that justify the hate and vitriol being spewed out by the right especially with no facts to back them up? And without regulation, the entire world almost collapsed under Bush, so if there hadn't been any government intervention, Gottleib wouldn't have an issue to fight against because he'd be out on the street like many Americans are now.

And that Pew research study makes no sense. It tracks approvals between Democrats and Republicans. The republican party is not the same party it used to be and it's a very silly poll to be honest. There is no merit to it. How is a president with a 66% approval rating considered polarizing so early in his term?

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