Nebraska Anti-Abortion Law Tortures Mother To Watch Her Baby Die!

This is sick and twisted but entirely predictable, because extremist conservatives already in the government are now being emboldened by the arrival of the Fox News Tea Party Brigade in the halls of power.

Abortion Law: Mother Denied Abortion, Then Had To Watch Baby Die

Nebraska’s new abortion law forced Danielle Deaver to live through ten excruciating days, waiting to give birth to a baby that she and her doctors knew would die minutes later, fighting for breath that would not come. And that’s what happened. The one-pound, ten-ounce girl, Elizabeth, was born December 8th. Deaver and husband Robb watched, held and comforted the baby as it gasped for air, hoping she was not suffering. She died 15 minutes later.

The sponsor of the controversial Nebraska statute, Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk, told the Des Moines Register that the law worked as it was intended in the Deavers’ case. "Even in these situations where the baby has a terminal condition or there's not much chance of surviving outside of the womb, my point has been and remains that is still a life," Flood said in an interview with the Iowa newspaper


Conservatives don't like the government intruding on their lives except when it intrudes on someone who doesn't share their religious beliefs. Ghouls.

Julie Schmit-Albin, who heads Nebraska Right to Life, told the AP in a Sunday interview that the tragic outcome was better than an abortion: "We acknowledge the tragedy that occurs with a poor prenatal diagnosis for the baby. But isn't it more humane for the baby to die in a loving manner with comfort care and in the arms of her parents than by the intentional painful death through abortion?"

Deaver believes that such a decision should belong to her and her husband. "It was very frustrating and added to our grief because the waiting compounded everything," she told the AP.

LGF writes:

Witness the inhumanity of the right wing anti-choice movement...And again, we see the fanatic’s absolute lack of empathy for the woman who was forced to bear a doomed child, and watch it die in agony. So heartless it boggles the mind.

That my friends is at the core of the Tea Party movement and don't let them tell you anything different. Julie Schmit-Albin and Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk remind me of Doctor Heiter of the cult classic The Human Centipede. If you've seen it you know what I mean. My heart goes out to Daniele Deaver.


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