February 21, 2009

Pat Buchanan rails against Eric Holder's claim that we're a nation of cowards when talking about the issue of race.

Pat, who is afraid that illegals from Mexico will re-take Texas reads off a laundry list of wrongs African Americans are bringing into our society once he gets hot and bothered. He doesn't understand the consequences to our country of what real "poverty" brings. Rev. Wright covers his entire scope of racial dialogue.

Q:Let's talk about race in America. Pat: It's not my fault darkies rob people...

Maybe Pat would take a little time and energy and discover why these trends take place in America. Dyson had to throw a little education on PB because he didn't even know that Black Americans were forced to start their own churches because of "racism."

PAT: This is a remark of almost paralyzing stupidity. If you want to start a discussion about how there is a measure of social self-segregation going on—I mean, you have got black churches, Black Caucus, black colleges, and black clubs—there is that.If he wants to discuss that, Mike, you don‘t start it off by insulting the people you want to talk to.

DYSON: Well, let me—let me respond to that. Let me respond to that.First of all, when you say self-segregation, the black church didn‘t come into existence because it desired to be separate from the white church. The white separatist movement White House American Christianity forced black churches to start their own.

DYSON: Let me tell you who he‘s talking about. He‘s talking about America.Look—look at this point. You know, you say you want honest conversation. And Mr. Barnicle started the conversation, what happens when “we white guys” speak honestly about race?Well, I will tell you what happens. When you speak honestly about race, you tell the truth about what you feel. All of us should be allowed to do that. The question is, when we put our bona fides on the table, when we establish what we think are the baselines for racial conversation in America, we have to be honest and willing to say, hey, maybe we didn‘t get it right. Maybe white supremacy, social injustice, the owning of slaves, Jim Crow law, and vicious bigotry have not led to the best experiment in democracy.

DYSON: And what we must do now is to acknowledge that and then move forward. It is not—so, when black people tell the truth...

BUCHANAN: All right, let me ask you and tell you something. DYSON: ... then white feelings of guilt and offense come about.(CROSSTALK)

BARNICLE: All right. All right. Professor, let—let Pat in here.

BUCHANAN: OK, let me tell some truths. Let me tell some truths. Let me tell some truths. White folks in America are not responsible for the 70 percent illegitimacy rate in the black community. We are not responsible for the fact that African-Americans commit crimes at seven times the rate of white Americans. We are not responsible for the fact that many more children in the African-American community, 75 percent, are born out of wedlock, as I said.All of these things are the responsibility of the African-American community. And its leaders should address the problems in their own community and stop blaming folks who are not responsible.

DYSON: Let me respond to that. First of all—first of all—first of all—first of all, Jesse Jackson has been responding to that issue for the last 40 years. Many people have been having a vibrant, vital, consistent conversation about the necessity for self-responsibility.What I didn‘t hear you say is that black people are not responsible for Oscar Grant, when he goes out in Oakland, and then gets viciously assaulted by a policeman. We are not responsible for chimpanzee commercials and cartoons put forth...BUCHANAN: Right. DYSON: ... by “The New York Post” that draw—let me finish—that draw an implicit relationship between the president...

BUCHANAN: ... let me tell you, the—in the statistics on group crime against individuals, gang rape and gang assaults, the numbers are almost 100-1. Forty-five percent of African-American crime is committed against whites. Whites commit 3 percent of their crimes against African-Americans.

All crime should be condemned, but it seems to me, in the African-American community, you should look to your own responsibilities, instead of our faults.


DYSON: See, what you have done, you have tried to derail—you‘re trying to (AUDIO GAP) responsibility for taking (AUDIO GAP) step. According to you, the entire problem of racial fascism in this country rests upon the backs of black people.

You have not owned up to, at one point in this conversation, the reality that...

BUCHANAN: No, it doesn‘t. I‘m saying you‘re not taking—owning up to anything, fellow.

DYSON: ... the dominant American culture has fed the—and fueled the vicious divisiveness that we continue to confront. So, now you‘re trying to scapegoat.

BUCHANAN: Stop blaming everybody else for your—you continue to blame—look, the African-American community was...


DYSON: I‘m not blaming anybody.


DYSON: But when black people talk about honest feelings, it‘s blaming. When white people talk about it, it‘s called being held responsible.

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