Cavuto: "We Could Do Worse Than Donald Trump. We Already Have"

When Donald Trump decided to lose his mind in public this last time, I figured Fox was using his nutbaggery to make the other Republicans look better.

And then Neil Cavuto opened his mouth, and proved that no, there are some Fox idjuts who just think anyone -- ANYONE -- is better than Barack Obama.

Watch this clip as he turns jetsetter Trump from a rich dude who exploits bankruptcy laws to get richer into a populist, boxer kinda plain-spoken guy. That's right, folks. We should make decisions about who will lead this country based on the fact that he has no manners and calls out women who criticize him.

You see, the Donald is not politically correct, so Neil Cavuto thinks that qualifies him to be the next President or something. And I love this bit of revisionism at about 1:08 in:

He cuts issues to the core by often turning those issues upside down. So rather than discuss cutting spending, like the businessman he is, he talks up creating revenue. Not from the usual political suspects like tax hikes, but unusual sources like OPEC nations.

They get our protection, The Donald says, we get their oil. And we get their money. It is the school of business hard knocks and The Donald, a construction guy at heart, is more than happy to bang some heads.

Yeah, maybe The Donald has banged a few too many heads, because his brain seems to be functioning like he's on some kind of new psychotropic drug. Birtherism, big stories about private investigators, and more smells like Swiftboating to me, not leadership.

As to that plain speak and creative thinking about revenue, has Cavuto forgotten Trump's 1999 proclamation that we should tax the rich to retire the national debt?

But wait, Cavuto saves the best for last:

Let voters decide. Yes, the world would bristle at a Donald Trump, especially those used to an America that kowtows to them. Not this guy, who'd sooner erect a finger than a building in their honor.

Er, well, that's because Trump likes to name buildings after himself, Neil. Haven't you noticed?

Yes, he would be a different cup of tea. But have you looked at these other cups? Not exactly making my cup runneth over.

So we could do worse my friends. Take a look around. We already have.

There's so much wrong with that last statement I hardly know where to begin. Worse than what we have in office now? President Obama? Really?

Imagine Trump telling Libya, hey you know, we'll send some airplanes there but we want your oil fields. Screw you, screw principle, we just want your oil. Diplomacy squared there, yes indeed.

Trump, the king of leverage. Owned lock, stock and barrel by the banksters. Art of the deal? Heck no. Art of the loan, maybe.

At heart, Donald Trump is a gambler. And Neil Cavuto sees that as better than what we have now.

Fox News is even more bankrupt than I thought.


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