Clueless Malkin: Richard Trumka And Andy Stern Are "Kings Of Astroturf"

Nothing really gets my blood boiling like seeing people sit in unrighteous judgment of others decrying a lack of civility while being demeaning and nasty themselves. This three minute segment has more insults and insinuations about unions, President Obama, and Democrats than anything they're whining about.

I realize this is the third post in as many days about Fox News crying about meanies on the left, but really, this stuff has to be called out for what it is -- an effort to deflect and inflame. It's part of a larger strategy to surround people with misinformation and turn the tables on their opponents (anyone who isn't a flaming conservative). Malkin is a real expert at it. Beginning with the unions, she refers to Andy Stern and Richard Trumka as thugs and bullies, then says this:

And of course the White House has been trying to disavow these -- what's happening, and try and make it as though it's some sort of grassroots thing. These are the kings of astroturf, and they've been coordinating since day one and of course, well before that to help get Barack Obama elected, and before Richard Trumka, of course, it was Andy Stern, another thuggish Big Labor head. And they can no -- they can no -- Barack Obama can no more disassociate himself from this kind of trash than he can disassociate himself from his own shadow.

Compare and contrast that little mini-rant with her outrage over the Tea Party protests in 2009, where Malkin swore up and down that the Tea Party movement was just a grassroots effort to save those rich folks from the tax burdens imposed on them by mean liberals.

Matt Taibbi's glorious rant on Malkin in 2009 is worth revisiting for this description:

And that’s fine, good for her. But that doesn’t make her readable. However, this move of hers to spearhead the teabag movement really adds an element to her writing that wasn’t there before. Now when I read her stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth. It vastly improves her prose.

Now think about that when considering this little slam later in the clip, where Hannity brings up signs seen at the Wisconsin protests that say things like "Death to Tyrants" or "Walker the Mubarak of the Midwest." Granted, these are not very nice things to say, but then...Governor Walker is not being a very nice person. Telling workers to take their union contracts and shove 'em is hardly my idea of having an adult conversation. But listen to Malkin indulge herself in some projection while accusing Democrats and union members of the same thing. Hannity says the media is "virtually silent on this (the signs) and asks for Malkin's reaction:

Yes, well, it's a tactic they always use. It was born of an entire Alinsky strategy, of demonizing and marginalizing the left's opponents. It's what they always do. And what they've always engaged in is this massive, chronic psychological projection, accusing their opponents of what they fundamentally do to fight for their power grabs and for their power agenda. That's really what it's all about.

And it's interesting to hear some of these Big Labor thugs defend what they're doing in Wisconsin, demonizing Governor Walker, trying to prank him, trying to embarrass him, trying to distract him from being an adult and that's what the voters of Wisconsin wanted -- adults.

And this big temper tantrum just shows you that there are no adults in Washington, there are no adults in the Democrat party. These people are still in their Huggies PullUps crying all the way.

Er, yes. Pullups. Democrat party. Alinsky strategy. Yes, that's really adult, don't you think?

I have three words for Michelle Malkin with regard to her whining about projection, punking and adult behavior.




That is all.


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