UFCW 400 Launches Rap Video In Support Of Unions

In a great example of creativity and outside the box thinking, Vance “Head-Roc” Levy, a D.C.-based hip-hop artist, and music mentor, Dwayne Lee, have created an original song and video, "UFCW Local 400 Anthem," to raise awareness about the union and the rights of working families in general.

“We hope this music video will draw the attention of the younger membership in a fun and innovative way while at the same time teaching them about the labor movement’s history and what being in a union is all about,” said Local 400 president Tom McNutt.

The video stars Local 400 members from West Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia and their families, who joined together to share their passion and enthusiasm for Local 400 and the labor movement through song and dance.

It is this type of approach to outreach that can have a great impact on people who otherwise wouldn't think about unions as a positive force in society, particularly younger people. More groups should do things like this and create good songs to promote their organization and activities.

The full "UFCW Local 400 Anthem" Lyrics:

Hook (X3)
This side say: UFCW!
That Side you say: 400!

Verse 1:
We all want The American Dream
An honest Day’s pay working on a Good Team
Respect for the Time that we give
Dignity and Pride in the Way that We Live
Whether You lace Boots up or Slip on Dress shoes
On the Clock, the Job shouldn’t Stress You
Remember who will come to the Rescue – LABOR!
This understanding is what we need to get to!
Back in the Day before Labor Laws
We used suffer at the Hands of the The Boss
They made the Rules, Used us like Mules
Tried to play us like Fools while they wore the Jewels
Until we Organized; Through the Struggle Realized
Together as ONE we all could Rise!
Many lost their Lives on the Picket Front Line
You overworked and Tired? Then maybe it’s time to Join!

Hook (X4):

Verse 2:
United Food and Commercial Workers
Arms locked on the job so the Boss can’t Hurt us
United we Stand; Divided we don’t stand a chance
Welcome aboard, we can help with your circumstance.
When Over worked under paid is the Norm
In every work place a Union should Form
We have the knowledge and are ready to assist you
To get the boss to the table on the Issues
Collective Bargaining: Power to the People
We want to Company to simply treat us all Equal
Fair Pay plus Health Benefits
The right to enjoy from our Labor’s Profits
Job Security in a safe workspace
The way it really should be in the First Place.
You on the Job and they trying do you Wrong?
Give us a Call! Get your game on.

Come on and Fight for the Side that Right
Workers Unite: JOIN US!
We’re in the Struggle Don’t take it Light
Workers Unite: JOIN US!
Fight for the Side that’s Right
Grocery Workers Unite: JOIN US!
Fight for the Side that’s Right
US Labor Unite: JOIN US!

Hook (X4):


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