Erin Burnett Pretends Paul Ryan Would Raise Taxes On The Rich

(h/t Heather)

RIP Facts in journalism.

Because there apparently weren't enough lies spewed at the American public, CNN host Erin Burnett had to add a really incredible whopper out there just to confound those low-info workers.

BLITZER: That was some interesting stuff that was going on. At least he didn’t get into all the junk out there, all the stupid issues that politicians like to raise, about the opposition. At least Paul Ryan focused it on the real meat, the real importance of this election…

BURNETT: Substantive issues…

BLITZER: …Jobs, jobs, jobs. He has different views, of course, than the Democrats. At least he focused on Issue #1.

BURNETT: That’s right, and you know what’s interesting? You talk about him as a person of substance, and he is, and he does love policy. A lot of people may look at Paul Ryan and say, well, especially with all the talk that’s been out there about his health care views and Medicare, is he very far, far to the right? You know, one thing that may surprise people out there about Paul Ryan’s record, in terms of his ability to compromise, his willingness to go to the other side, this is a man who voted for the auto bailout, this is a man who voted for TARP, for TARP the bank bailout, everybody, and at the time, he said ‘I’m doing it to prevent a depression, and the evisceration of the free market system’. So he cast both of those votes, in that way. When I spoke to him in the spring, when he came out with his budget, he made it very clear to me, on repeated questions, Wolf, he would allow taxes on the wealthy going up and he told me their effective tax rates are going to be higher, because they’re not going to let them shelter their income any more.

If you just take those points, you could ask, gosh, is this the vice presidential Republican nominee? But he is. I’m just making the point he’s a person who has shown the ability to compromise.

BLITZER: And whether or not, John King, he…the critics out there will dispute some of his facts in his speech, there’s no doubt he delivered for the Republicans and it does set a high bar for Mitt Romney tomorrow night. Can Mitt Romney deliver an even more powerful speech as he accepts the presidential nomination?

Oy. Your 'liberal' media at work, once again.


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