Limbaugh's "Potty Mouth" Obfuscates The Real Blockage For Women's Restroom In The House Of Representatives

(h/t Media Matters)

Rush Limbaugh constantly makes me wonder how he manages to find women self-loathing (or alternatively, mercenary) enough to want to marry him. He is such a disgusting misogynist. I pray that his latest bride has made the choice to remain childless, because I shudder at the thought of any child, but especially a little girl, being raised with such a sexist and hateful father.

Rush thinks it's amazing that one of the first acts of incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner was to add a women's restroom near the House of Representatives chamber. Currently, female congresspeople must walk down the hall to utilize the women's restroom near the Senate chamber. Inconvenient, to be sure.

But rather than simply acknowledging this long-needed addition, Rush has to get a little dig in on the attractiveness of our female congresspeople.

"Now, a lot of Democrat Congresswomen could have probably used the men's room and nobody would have said anything...might not have really noticed anything..."

[insert Beevis & Butthead guffaw here] hehehehe Powerful women are mannish, right, Rush? Well, I guess that's fair, considering that I think that right wing blowhards who self-medicate, take sex vacations to the Dominican Republic and love to decorate their homes with cherubs and gilt are clearly over-compensating for raging homosexual panic (yeah, I went there).

But of course in all this celebration of how the Orange One is clearly so much more interested in gender equality than the outgoing (female) Speaker of the House and her Democratic majority, the reason it took so long gets buried:

While hailing a victory for "potty parity", some female commentators have noted that the number of female congressmen actually fall from 76 to 71 in the new Congress, which convenes in January, after numerous Democratic women were defeated in November's midterm polls.

Efforts earlier this year to make lavatory access more equitable in all federal buildings stalled.

That's right. The Democratic majority TRIED to get the vaunted "potty parity" but the Republicans obstructed it.

Obstructing toilets in the name of equality. Yup, that's today's GOP.


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