Matt Taibbi: ‘Romney/Ryan Tax Plan Still Makes No Sense’

It is clear that President Obama's messaging is not working and that he's missing some huge opportunities to call out the ridiculous fantasy of Romney's economic plan when most Americans polled trust Romney to handle the deficit more than Obama. Any sentient being who employs even basic thinking skills should be able to see that Romney and Ryan's economic plans are simply mathematically impossible, but yet, that computation isn't coming through.

Matt Taibbi sees it too and wonders what will it take to wake up Americans:

I've never thought much of Joe Biden. But man, did he get it right in last night's debate, and not just because he walloped sniveling little Paul Ryan on the facts. What he got absolutely right, despite what you might read this morning (many outlets are criticizing Biden's dramatic excesses), was his tone. Biden did absolutely roll his eyes, snort, laugh derisively and throw his hands up in the air whenever Ryan trotted out his little beady-eyed BS-isms.

But he should have! He was absolutely right to be doing it. We all should be doing it. That includes all of us in the media, and not just paid obnoxious-opinion-merchants like me, but so-called "objective" news reporters as well. We should all be rolling our eyes, and scoffing and saying, "Come back when you're serious."

The load of balls that both Romney and Ryan have been pushing out there for this whole election season is simply not intellectually serious. Most of their platform isn't even a real platform, it's a fourth-rate parlor trick designed to paper over the real agenda – cutting taxes even more for super-rich dickheads like Mitt Romney, and getting everyone else to pay the bill.

Taibbi tells Eliot Spitzer that the media needs to pushback hard and demand answers. Yeah well, good luck with that. The media has been enabling Romney and Ryan from the beginning. Think they're gonna actually do their job now?


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