Meet The Press Doesn't Want To Discuss Economic Issues For 99% Of America

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Republican tool.

That's the kindest term I can use for David Gregory and his perceived responsibilities as the moderator of the now 74 year old Meet the Press. There are hundreds of Occupy protests going on worldwide, all protesting the income inequality and the how the system is rigged towards just one percent of the population, so what will David Gregory discuss with his panel? The influence of the tea party on the Republican primaries, naturally.

Keep in mind that at a recent tea party rally they could only drum up fifteen participants. Not fifteen speakers, fifteen attendees. So any influence that the tea parties are having due to their ideological purity and recalcitrance is clearly disproportionate.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm tried to direct the conversation back to what Americans actually care about.

So this, to me, is driving me absolutely crazy. This income inequality issue which the president is trying to get at with the Buffett Rule, it’s not going to take care of it all. But 80% of the revenue growth, of the growth in income went to the top 1% over the past thirty years. Eighty percent. We are seeing a level of income disparity that we haven’t seen since the Gilded Age. So, this is what is going to be, I think, the nub of an issue about tax policy. What’s the tax policy that’s going to create jobs in America, that’s going to provide middle-class jobs here, rather than giving money to corporations, et cetera, where they can just take that extra money, or to capital gains investors and invest it somewhere else.

But talking about gilded ages and income disparity...that's so factual and reality-based. And we all know that reality has a liberal bias, which David Gregory just can't have. So rather than respond to Granholm's statement, he just moves right along, asking Republican consultant Mike Murphy if Rick Perry's flat tax proposal is a winner for him. Because flat taxes are *exactly* the response to Americans' desire for economic equality. I mean, why should we address the concerns of the 99% or let the Meet the Press viewership know how incredibly unpopular and harmful all of these flat tax proposals are? What a tool.


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