Whoopi Goldberg Tells Fox Business' Eric Bolling Where To Go

David Neiwert covered it originally when Eric Bolling went ghetto describing a White House visit by the President of Gabon. I, of course, am not one of the two dozen regular viewers of Fox Business Channel, so I missed it, which is probably a good thing for the switchboard operators at Fox Business.

But like me, Whoopi Goldberg heard it after the fact and decided to let Eric Bolling know just what she thought of his attempt to be street. Surprise, surprise, even Elizabeth Hasselbeck thought it went over the line. Will she remember that the next time she's on Fox?

For what it's worth, this is hardly Eric Bolling's first time being openly racist. Media Matters (who has to be at least 2-3 of the two dozen viewers Fox Business Channel enjoys) has documented Bolling's previous racist statements, but hell, why stop there?

Bolling's History Of Other Inflammatory Rhetoric And Smears

Bolling Habitually Scapegoats And Stokes Fear Of Muslims

Bolling Has Promoted Numerous Conspiracy Theories

Bolling Has Demonized Immigrants

Bolling Has Made Numerous False Claims About Energy And Repeatedly Shilled For More Oil Drilling

Bolling Regularly Mocks, Denies Climate Change

Bolling Has A Long Track Record Of False Claims About The Economy And Taxes

"Crush Collective Bargaining": Bolling Targets Labor Unions

Bolling Has Made False Claims Regarding Obama And Foreign Policy

Bolling Hyped Debunked ACORN Videos, Attacked ACORN


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