October 9, 2013

  • Rayna and Teddy sign the papers and their divorce is final. "I didn't expect it to end like this," Teddy says. "Neither did I," says Rayna. She tells Teddy he's a good father and a good man, and she wants him to be happy.
  • Deacon rolls over on his injured hand in his sleep and his yelling wakes Scarlett up. He asks her to hand him her guitar. "Is that your idea of physical therapy?" she asks.
  • Juliette is at Edgehill, waiting to meet with sleazy Jeff, when Layla shows up. Layla giggles and says how nervous she was, performing in front of Juliette at the Edgehill party. "I imagine it takes some of the pressure off, singing someone else's hit," Juliette says. "Kind of like karaoke." Bless her vicious little heart.
  • Sleazy Jeff is pissed when Juliette rebuffs his demand that she perform at the Edgehill stockholders showcase. She explains she's performing at the anniversary party of Charles and Olivia Wentworth, who own many, many radio and TV stations.
  • Meanwhile, Rayna and Buck are trying to figure out how to get her free of Edgehill Records. But Rayna still owes them one more album. "Have you heard from Liam?" Buck asks. "I keep calling him but he doesn't call back," Rayna says.
  • The label assigns a stylist to Scarlett. Will our spunky little girl become a diva?

Liam must have finally returned Rayna's call, because they meet to talk about the album. Remember, when last we saw Liam, he was leaving for St. Lucia after Rayna blew him off. (Rayna, what the hell were you thinking?) Rayna wants him to finish the album. "You inspired me, you inspired the album," she tells him. "I'm booked. Pretty solidly, in fact," he responds. He gets up and walks away. Eww, burn!

But it's not long before Liam shows up at Rayna's, tapes in hand. He says he listened to the tapes and realized how great it was. They do some flirting banter back and forth, and then he tells her, "You didn't really apologize."

"I'm very sorry I didn't go with you to St. Lucia," she tells him, batting her eyelashes. "Thank you," he replies.

  • Meanwhile: Peggy still isn't telling Teddy she lost the baby. "I was thinking of naming him Theodore," she says. Yeah, way to go, Peggy. "I'll see you in a month," Teddy says, and jets on out of there so fast, all you see are the chemtrails.
  • Millionaire Charlie Wentworth asks if he can sit in with Juliette's band, and she says of course. He brings out his guitar: "Is that a '52, '54 Gibson, like the one that belonged to Hank Williams?" an envious Avery asks. "It was his," Charlie says. "I wanted the '54, but Neil Young won't give it up." (Bah. There's a special place in hell for those wealthy half-assed guitar players who buy up all the great old guitars.)
  • Sleazy Jeff is bugging Raya to perform at the stockholders showcase, and also to finish her album because he knows it'll be a hit. "I don't know whether to be offended by your cynicism, or flattered by your confidence," Rayna coos. See, this is what I love about Southern women.

Deacon's back at A.A. and runs into Coleman, his sponsor. Coleman's moving out of town, and advises Deacon that the only way he'll ever cope with being Maddie's father is to "deal with what your father did to you."

Deacon then goes to see Teddy, who immediately goes on the defensive. Deacon tells him to chill, "You're her father. I wish she'd never found out about me." Teddy, who really is a good dad, tells Deacon, "Maddie's never going to stop watching you, the decisions and the choices you make." Hint, hint.

  • Liam tells Rayna they need to redo the vocals on "Worlds Collide", but she's evasive. She finally admits that she can't sing since the accident, and she's working with a vocal cord therapist. She asks him to help her drag out the recording sessions. "If this is the last album I ever do, I don't want it to be for Edgehill," she tells Liam. Is it just me, or is it hot in here? Oh, it's not just me. Rayna and Liam start kissing and it's not long before they're under the sheets.
  • As Gunnar and Will pick up Scarlett and Zoey up for the ride to the showcase, our made-over Scarlett (whose usual style is Bo Peep crossed with an old Laura Ashley tablecloth) descends the porch steps in some black sequinned do-me pumps and a red tulle skirt with a bustier. Gunnar is bug-eyed: "Wow, I had no idea you could look like that." Scarlett: "Is that supposed to be a compliment?" Oh, at the showcase, Will performs Gunnar's new song -- the one he told Will not to take.
  • Deacon goes back to the doctor. He was trying to rehab the arm without painkillers, but tells her the pain is too much. Always tricky for someone for an addiction problem...
  • Back at the Wentworth party, Avery is pissed off at Juliette, who told Charlie "he's not my boyfriend, he's just on my payroll." "I thought we were friends. Now I find out I'm just another guy on the payroll." Juliette tells him to stop talking or he's fired. "That proves it, I was just the hired help." Come on, Avery, I thought you were starting to mellow?
  • Jeff is furious when, instead of performing at the showcase, Rayna introduces Scarlett and brings he up to perform. "Who does this woman think she is?" Jeff's sleazy assistant in training says, "Someone who doesn't know who you are." Really? Is he Lex Luthor? Walter White?
  • Deacon goes to another A.A. meeting, gets up and tells the story of his drunken, abusive father. "And now I'm just like him: A drunk," he says. "But I ain't never hurt a child and I'll be damned if I ever will." Hopeful? Or dramatic foreshadowing? Hmm.
  • Teddy tells Peggy he's struggling over the pregnancy, over "how to do this." Peggy, who knows she needs to get pregnant again if her little scheme will work, initiates sex.
  • Sleazy Jeff confronts Rayna. "You embarrassed me in front of the stockholders." Rayna protests that she showed up, mingled and talked to everyone, but Jeff's not buying it. "If I had a suspicious mind, I'd think there was more to it than that," he says, doing his best Clint Eastwood imitation. Oh, please. This is how you treat your label's top seller?
  • Oh, and Charlie Wentworth turns out to be a dog who hits on Juliette. Because she recently had a vulnerable moment with Avery, she naturally has to do something stupid to make up for feeling bad. So she goes for it.

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