Sen. Lindsey Graham Is A Republican Welfare Queen

(h/t David E..)

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey. How long do you think you'll be able to get away with this game, hon? It's astounding to watch you defending your virtue with one hand - and grabbing as much pork as possible for your state with the other.

As Mark Karlin puts it, it's like foreclosing on a bakery and demanding a free cake.

We need to stop this kind of hypocritical grandstanding. Here's a good idea, via The Political Carnival:

In essence, Graham is saying he opposed the "Main Street Job Creation Act" even though it would be political suicide not to distribute the money to the voters of his state. He was joined in rabid obstruction of the bill by his fellow Republican, Senator Jim "Stonewall Jackson" DeMint.

As BuzzFlash Editor Mark Karlin proposed a couple of weeks back, the state of any senator who opposed the "Main Street Job Creation Act" should only receive half their allotted funds. If both senators opposed the bill, the state should receive no federal allotment from the legislation.

That way, hypocrites such as Lindsey Graham couldn't grandstand their zealotry and then pass out the goodies that they fought against.

In fact, Graham represents one of the many GOP Neo-Confederate states that receives more money from the federal government than their citizens pay in taxes. That sort of makes South Carolina a welfare state as far as the Union is concerned.

As for Lindsey Graham, he's become a talk show regular spouting GOP talking points -- and then practicing the chronic hypocrisy of being a Republican welfare king for his constituents.


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