Immigration Bill A Goodie Bag For Defense Contractors

Chris Hayes explains why the $38 billion Corker-Hoven amendment is nothing but a huge giveaway for defense contractors at taxpayers expense. So much for those so-called "fiscal conservatives" and their complaints that "we're broke."

Harry Reid Concedes He Lacks The Votes To Pass Spending Bill

It looks like the Jim DeMint's of the world got their way on the Senate passing a spending bill before this session is over. I guess the Republicans finally had enough of being mocked for their hypocrisy on earmarks and worrying about primary

Republican Earmark Hypocrisy

From The Senate Democrats, Republicans are finally taking a little bit of heat in the press for their hypocrisy on earmarks. Republicans Say One Thing In Washington And Something Else At Home: Senate Republicans took a lot of heat

Rand Paul Already Flip Flopping On His Earmark Pledge

Looks like Kentucky Senator-elect TeaPublican Rand Paul is already flip flopping on whether he supports a ban on earmarks. Senator-Elect Rand Paul Breaks Tea Party Pledge, Now Vows To ‘Fight’ For Earmarks: Congressional earmarks has been