November 7, 1987 - Dope Addicts On The Supreme Court.

News of the day for November 7th 1987. Judge Douglas Ginsburg asked to withdraw nomination to the Supreme Court over Marijuana smoking charges. The Soviet Union celebrates 70's years since the Bolsheviks took over. Former Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett dies. President-for-Life Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia removed from office and a Columbia Mississippi Chemical Plant dumping ground has been discovered.

March 3, 1987 - William Webster, Iran-Contra, Pentagon Overcharging And Danny Kaye.

News of the day for March 3, 1987 - former FBI Director William Webster nominated by Reagan to head up the CIA in the wake of fallout from the Iran-Contra Affair, TRW accused of overcharging the Pentagon (how unusual), the Jonathan Pollard Espionage case continuing, rotten economic times in Louisiana and entertainment legend Danny Kaye dead at 74. Some day. . . .