C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Jamiroquai

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Jamiroquai

This song comes to us from the long lost genre of 90s funk/disco fusion revival, which I'm sure we all remember vividly. Jamiroquai spent most of their time from 1992 to the present by giving us funky tunes to dance to, with this one being no exception.

December 22, 1999 - Terrorists, Hubble And Brush Fires.

What Los Angeles does every few years - catch on fire. News for this particular December 22nd in 1999 was more about "what if" than "what did". With terrorist warnings being issued by Washington, travel was going to be difficult at best with new

October 5, 1999 - Trains, Mergers And Commemorative Tiles.

News of the day for October 5, 1999 - Train accident outside London kills 8 (rises to 26). MCI Acquires Sprint in largest telecommunications merger in history. Supreme Court to weigh in on Campaign reform. Pres. Clinton vows to ratify Nuclear Test Ban treaty. New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson urges legalization of drugs. College Tuition up 3% - 58% of all financial aid is in form of Student Loans. Nuclear Power Plant leak in South Korea. Appeals from parents to Attorney General to include Christian symbols on commemorative tiles for Columbine massacre.

How The World Looked On January 13, 1999.

News of this day, January 13, 1999 as presented by The BBC World Service Newshour program. Highlights include the financial crisis in Brazil, fighting continuing around Kosovo, fears the Great Barrier Reef is dying and the continuing scandal of Anwar Ibrahim in Kuala Lumpur.

December 28, 1999 - Y2K On Everybody's Mind. . .Mostly.

December 28, 1999 - news of the day. New Years Eve celebrations called off around The Space Needle in Seattle. Police arrest Algerian Ahmed Ressam for carrying a car loaded with Nitroglycerin, heading across the border. Burger King recalls Pokemon toys. 1999 was a great year at the Box Office.

December 13, 1999 - Dragging Up The Past - Sowing Seeds For The Future

News of the day for December 13, 1999 - Time Magazine releases contents of Columbine Massacre videos, Abner Louima case sentences offending cop to 30 years. Twelve members of unnamed Terrorist group headed by eccentric Billionaire Osama bin Laden arrested in foiled New Years Eve plot. Author Joseph Heller dies.