Afghanistan war veterans

Veterans' Unemployment Rate Hits 13.3% In June

Serving in the latest round of wars in America has not helped our returning troops when it comes to keeping their own homes. And now the news on the job front makes their lives even harder than before: Unemployment among recently returned

Armistice Day - November 11, 1937

(Armistice Day 1918 - Well . . it was supposed to be the War to End All Wars, wasn't it?) Note: This is a repost from last November 11th. The sentiments are the same. Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day - November 11th. That day in

HUAH! Maddow Finds The VA Wedge

The period from January 20th, 2001 until the same day in 2009 was not a good time to be a veteran. Conservative experiments in privatization resulted in the Walter Reed scandal -- America's heroes among rats and moldy walls. The Bushies cut claims

Mapping The Fallen

(h/t Russ, S&R) I love love love Google Earth. I can easily spend hours swooping all over the globe, looking at satellite pictures of the homes of f