TDS: Cheney Makes Them So Happy!

Jon Stewart was having a really boring weekend and he was really sad. Nothing had been getting his blood boiling lately and he just wasn't excited to

Tragedy Turned To Gold

The father of a Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli soldiers said Monday he believes his son's spirit is alive in "every Israeli" after donating the

Extreme Right Sinks To Another Low

David Horowitz: Horowitz's August 8 post on the Moonbat Central weblog, titled "Peter Jennings Sympathies for the Devil" : "Peter Jennings is dead,

Bin Ladin Alive And Well?

Osama bin Laden is alive and in good health, as is fugitive Taliban chief Mullah Mohammed Omar, a purported senior commander of the ousted Afghan reli

Downing Street Memo Video

Here's a video that was put together by the Downing Street Memo folks. [media id=13294]-WMP only "It's tempting in the flurry of minutes and memos

Barnum On Steroids

Jason Miller sent me his excellent article on the ID trials in Kansas: "Yes, Phineas Taylor Barnum would be green with envy. The master of the hoodw


via Ballon-Juice Sullivan: Here's a question I can't get out of my head. What if Terri Schiavo had had a living will saying she wouldn't want a fee

Larry King Interviews Michael Chiavo

MICHAEL SCHIAVO appeared on Larry King Live last night. KING: And Everyone keeps saying, Michael, I'll ask George in a minute, even if she said to yo

Wingnut Of The Day

function vid_placeholder(placeholder_target, vid_link) { placeholder_target.innerHTML = ''; } [media id=13028] [media id=13029] Hugh Hewitt on S