Russert Watch: Meet The Republicans

Arianna: "Today on Meet the Press it was Meet the Republicans, as Russert's well-rounded lineup included Republican Senator John Warner, Republican

Arnold: Conan The Geriatric

Arnold: Conan the Geriatric Jack Cafferty had a few choice words for Arnold Thursday, none of them reassuring. He was his cheery, good natured self w

Democrats Have A Great Night

Corzine and Kaine win. I just got back so I'm behind. Atrios has pictures and more. Mydd has a lot of information too. Daily Kos has the Arnold upd

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Poor Man Institute: The Good Lord knows that I hate me some Arnold Schwarzenegger. And the November 8th Special Election is bullshit. The Ultimat

Arnold Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill

Arnold Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger followed through Thursday on his promise to veto a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, leav

Mike's Blog Round Up

War and Piece: Katrina Contracts Oversight The Left Coaster: CA: Arnold not done screwing Californians King of Zembla: Mr. Rove has put his latest s

Arnold To Veto Gay Marriage

California Gov. ArnoldSchwarzenegger announced Wednesday night that he will veto legislation allowingsame-sex couples to marry.The announcement,ma