Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann: Defund Obamacare And No One Gets Hurt

Michele Bachmann is worried about liberals putting John Boehner in a box and the Tea Party's rigid budget stance being viewed by "Howard Dean's liberal press buddies" as political? Oh, please spare me. Now right after she says this, she blames

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MN Progressive Project: Bachmann finally fact-checked by MN media Corrente: It's all about the rents, part one million and ten Where's the

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The Bachmann Agenda from the wonderful blog Fried Green Al-Qaedas. Open thread below...

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Click here for larger image. Heather emailed me about The McLaughlin Group calling Palin and Bachmann the "Thelma and Louise" of the GOP. Open thre

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One photoshopper's take on an old campy French magazine cover. And a reminder that Michael Moore will be on live chat at BraveNewFilms tomorrow at