Hannity Continues To Conflate City Of Detroit With Automakers For Fox

Hannity Continues To Conflate City Of Detroit With Automakers For Fox

If there's one thing you can count on from our right-wing media out there, it's that they've got their talking points and they're all going to repeat them over and over ad nauseum. Here's one of the latest, which I'm sure we'll be hearing for weeks and months to come -- President Obama let Detroit go bankrupt. Never mind that he was talking about the auto industry and not the city itself.

American Bridge Super Pac Releases Brutal Ohio TV Ad

The Democratic research super PAC American Bridge is going up with its first ads of the cycle, buying time in the Toledo area -- the Northwestern area of Ohio where the auto bailout has benefited President Obama -- to hit Mitt Romney with an ad based on the Monopoly board game.

The March On Wall Street South

On Sunday, September 2, 2012, hundreds of demonstrators marched through Charlotte, NC to protest before the opening of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

The Willful Deafness When It Comes To Occupy Wall Street

I’m told the best thing about having a hearing aid is being able to turn it off; selectively, of course, around boring or annoying people. When someone wants to ask you for money. When you’d just like some quiet. There’s a switch. You have the

Rand Paul, The AAPS, And The National Doctors Tea Party

When Teddy Roosevelt first proposed a system of single payer insurance for the United States, it was popular and quite nearly a done deal. That is, until the AMA intervened and began a whisper campaign about how it would "socialize health care" and

Iceland Teetering Too

I posted yesterday that nuke-armed Pakistan is only a month away from bankruptcy. Now tiny Iceland looks like it might get there first. Iceland has

Mike's Blog Roundup

Economist's View: Bankruptcy for Lehman, Merrill Lynch sells to BofA, AIG in serious trouble. It looks almost certain that this week will be the one w