C&L Fellowship Fundraising: Day III

[thermometer] This is Day III of the very important C&L Fellowship Action Campaign. I've written at length about it here. I have nothing more to add

Sargent To WaPo, Erickson Whines

[Erick Erickson of RedState: Image courtesy of Joeff Davis at Creative Loafing.] Pauvre petite Erick. He doesn't have Sargent's mad skillz and is a

Into The Future, With Blinkers On

Over at The New Atlanticist, Senior Advisor to the Atlantic Council Robert Manning notes that a new world order is being forged, with Americans large

Mike's Blog Roundup

Pam's House Blend: The 'values' at the Values Voters Summit - Obama as a Muslim Aunt Jemima Firedoglake: McCain/Palin Lies Of The Day Watch...Update

Open Thread

Congratulations to Michael Shaw of BAGNewsNotes for winning the first annual Gilliard Grant Of Merit (also known at the Gilly), named in honor of the