Mitt Romney Doesn't Know Nukes

A few days ago, former governor Mitt Romney expressed his view in a Washington Post op-ed that the U.S. government's acceptance of the New Strateg

"Enhanced" Screening?

The Transportation Security Administration is announcing the implementation of "enhanced screening" for personnel coming in from nations that have be

Don't Look Now

Fafblog! Last week, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard B. Myers, in a statement opposing the release of videotapes and photograph

This Is Just Great

The U.S. military nearly set off a sectarian crisis Monday by mistakenly arresting the leader of Iraq's top Sunni Muslim political party, while two su

Adama Bah - Outrage In New York

Adama Bah - Outrage in New York via All Spin Zone ...It began with two 16-year-old immigrant girls arrested at dawn, detained far from home, and,