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SEC Commissioner: We Shouldn't Be Promoting Investor Confidence
Image from: Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS

SEC Commissioner: We Shouldn't Be Promoting Investor Confidence

A leading Republican regulator, SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar, said in a speech to Cato recently that the goal of the Securities and Exchange Commission should not be to "promote investor confidence," but instead to "promote investor skepticism." This is pretty remarkable, and it's a scary example of a radically libertarian philosophy that could cause our financial system to melt down in a big way.

Mike Papantonio On The Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party

From Ring of Fire Radio, Mike Papantonio talks about the long game of the billionaires who have taken over the Republican Party. Gaius Publius at AmericaBlog has more on that in his post here -- GOP is a party of WASPs led by 70-year-old impotent white guys:

Kochs: 3, Cato: 0

Back in March I wrote about the ongoing non-profit abuse by the Koch brothers, as exemplified in their effort at a hostile takeover of the Cato Institute so they could use it and its long reach to meddle in election messaging. ThinkTanked Blog