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Mike's Blog Roundup

Oliver Willis: Obama - Let's talk about 9/11 Political Animal: Blackwater patriots want lawsuit decided under Islamic law. Chris Floyd: Mad Men: Pat

Open Thread

Mark Moford at CommonDreams. (Side note: I just love this one weird little cognitive study sent to me by a friend recently; it claims that spending

A Crooks And Liars Art Break

You've got to see Chris Jordan's work. Image above shows detail of blocks made of blocks indicating the number of US children without health insuran

Carl Forti Hangs It Up For The NRCC

Carl Forti, the Communications Director for the NRCC is hanging it up after they got their heads handed to them in November. via email: Tomorrow is m

Mike's Blog Round Up

TalkLeft: No terror connection in Michigan cell phone case... AGITPROP: Be very afraid... Larry Beinhart: Republicans are bad on National Security.