Goldman Sacs And A Sale Gone Horribly Awry

Janet and Jim Baker are fighting Goldman Sachs over its work in 2000 - or lack thereof - on the all-stock sale of their business, Dragon Systems, to a company that later collapsed, leaving them shut out. NYT: THE business deal from hell

Another Bubble Goes Pop

This makes me a little sad. As someone who was born nine months after New Year's Eve (and of course I have a bubbly personality), I think champagne at

Mike's Blog Round Up

Corrente Wire: ACLU vs NSA...don't open the champagne yet Daily Kos: Bush, Hoffa, and Christian Evangelists NJDC Speaks: More Holy Crap...Bush appoi

C&L Interviews Joe Dante

I had the chance to interview the great Horror and Sci-Fi director Joe Dante a little while back. His latest work is called "Homecoming," which was s

Fun With Bush

Is he drinking again? I know he's toasting but I can't tell if its water or Champagne. What do you think?