Why Do The Proud Boys Have A Bunch Of Chinese Donors?
While they espouse white-nationalist principles and mythology under the guise of "Western chauvinism," the Proud Boys nonetheless attract a number of avid nonwhite supporters. Image from: David Neiwert

Why Do The Proud Boys Have A Bunch Of Chinese Donors?

There is an explanation, albeit one that is simultaneously simple and complex, wrapped up in a single word: authoritarianism.

February 9, 1945 - The Great Leap Eastward.

February 9, 1945 - 7 Allied armies advance along a 350 mile front from the Alps to Holland. Canadian 1st Army captures 14 towns. Russian Army launches new offensive against Breslau. Patton's 3rd Army now 8 miles inside Germany. Germans use Jet Fighters for first time. Germans reported to be escaping to neutral countries in droves with many heading to South America. Chinese launch successful counterattacks against Japanese in3 Provinces cutting off major Japanese supply lines. Pacific Front the move to recapture to Philippines continues and reports that Japanese have moved 177 American Prisoners of war including Gen. Wainright to Manchuria.

Pete Hoekstra Defends Racist Political Ad

From TPM -- Hoekstra Defends Ad: ‘There’s Nothing In Here That Has A Racial Tint At All’: Former Rep. Pete Hoesktra (R-MI) appeared Monday afternoon on Fox News, to defend his controversial TV ad by his Senate campaign, which played in