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Fox's Kilmeade Praises Trump's Racist Tweet: 'Nice Shot Right At The Chinese Who've Been Taking Shots At Us'

After weeks of denial and lying to their viewers about the dangers of COVID-19, Fox needs a new boogeyman to blame for the pandemic, and you can rest assured it will be anyone and everyone other than Dear Leader Trump.

After weeks of lying to their viewers to the point that they've literally put their lives at risk, where only 38 percent of them said they were worried about the coronavirus, in stark contrast to Americans who get their information from credible source of news, Fox is starting to "pivot" now that reality has bitten them squarely in the hind side and they can no longer get away with the Trump line that this is nothing more than a Democratic "hoax" being overblown by the "liberal" media solely to damage Trump's chances for reelection.

So what's next for Fox as the pandemic spreads and starts to either directly affect (or, sadly, kill) more and more of their viewers and their friends and family? Find a new boogeyman, of course. And it's already happening. Hannity has been accusing Democrats of using the pandemic as a political weapon against Trump, and blamed them, rather than the Trump administration for the slow response to the pandemic, and their other boogeyman other than liberals or the Democrats -- the Chinese.

Here's Trump's latest on Twitter this morning: Trump unable to resist racist remark while reassuring Americans cash is coming:

President Donald Trump tried to reassure anxious Americans that financial assistance would be coming, but he couldn’t help slipping some casual racism into his statement.

The president promised financial payouts to workers who lost their jobs or ability to work during the coronavirus quarantine and then blamed the outbreak on China — where the virus was first detected in late 2019.

And here's Brian Kilmeade on Trump' favorite morning show cheering him right along minutes after the tweet:

Nice shot right at the Chinese who've been taking shots at us.

Fox is being forced to come to grips with the everyday reality of this pandemic, especially with their station being located in New York, but don't expect the lies, demonizing, racism and blame game to ever end as long as this televised cancer on our society is allowed to continue polluting our airways.

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